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 Hartalika Aarti Overview

Tritiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month i.e. the proper time for Hartalika Puja will start late night on Wednesday 9th September at 2:33 PM and end at 12:18 PM on 09th September. It is believed that women observe this fast for uninterrupted good fortune and a happy married life. This fast is considered the most difficult of all fasts as it is observed without water. Unmarried girls observe Hartalika Teej fast to get a suitable and willing groom (husband).

A devotee of this fast has to abstain from sleep, for which he has to stay awake at night with bhajan kirtan. After bathing in the morning, with faith and devotion, a worthy married woman should donate ornaments, clothes, food, fruits, sweetmeats and ornaments as much as she can.

हरतालीकेची आरती

जय देवी हरितालिके। सखी पार्वती अंबिके।

आरती ओवाळीतें। ज्ञानदीपकळिके।। धृ.।।

हरअर्धांगी वससी। जासी यज्ञा माहेरासी।

तेथें अपमान पावसी। यज्ञकुंडींत गुप्त होसी। जय. ।।1।।

रिघसी हिमाद्रीच्या पोटी। कन्या होसी तू गोमटी।

उग्र तपश्चर्या मोठी। आचरसी उठाउठी ।।जय. ।।2।।

तापपंचाग्निसाधनें। धूम्रपानें अधोवदनें।

केली बहु उपोषणें। शंभु भ्रताराकारणें। ।।जय.।।3।।

लीला दाखविसी दृष्टी। हें व्रत करिसी लोकांसाठी।

पुन्हां वरिसी धूर्जटी। मज रक्षावें संकटीं।। जय.।। 4।।

काय वर्ण तव गुण। अल्पमति नारायण।

मातें दाखवीं चरण। चुकवावें जन्म मरण। जय. देवी।।5।।

 Hartalika Aarti Marathi PDF

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