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GSC Bank Account Opening Form Overview

GSCB is committed to rural and agriculture development through the vast network of short-term cooperative credit structure spread throughout the State of Gujarat. GSCB stands for three tier structure, prosperity and cooperative principles. Account Opening Form means standardized form prescribed by the management Company to be duly filled by the investors at the time of opening an account with the Fund.

Details Required to Open the Account:
  1. Name and Permanent Address of Applicants
  2. Aadhaar and PAN Number
  3. Name of sole/first account holder
  4. Names of the joint account holders (If applicable)
  5. Mode of operation
  6. Nomination Details
  8. And any other details
Document Required
  1. Account Opening Form
  2. ID Proof- Aadhaar Card, Voter Card, etc.
  3. Address Proof- Aadhaar Card, Electricity bill, Voter Card, etc.
  4. PAN Card
  5. 2 Passport Size Photograph
  6. And any other Documents
  1. SB account may be opened in the name of an individual or in the names of two or more individuals.
  2. In case of Joint account, it can be operated jointly or severally, with either or survivor or former or survivor clause.
  3. A bank account can be opened in the name of a minor, and one of the legal guardians would be able to manage it.
  4. Your organization can provide its members with the ability to open a credit union account.
GSC Bank Account Opening Form PDF

GSC Bank Account Opening Form PDF Download Link

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