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Computer Fundamentals Overview

Nowadays Computers have become one of the most essential parts of human life. At present every field as well as sector using computer to store the date and use it for future use. The reason for the requirement of computer in 3 words is efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

Basic Function of Computer:

  1. it accepts data or instruction by way of input,
  2. it stores data,
  3. it can process data as required by the user
  4. it gives results in the form of output, and
  5. it controls all operations inside a computer.

Four types Computer

  1. super computer
  2. mainframe computer
  3. mini computer
  4. micro computer

Major components of a Computer System

  1. Input Unit – keyboard and mouse
  2. Output Unit – printer and Monitor
  3. Memory Unit – primary memory and secondary memory.
  4. Control Unit – controls all the functions of the computer.
  5. Arithmetical Unit – addition, subtraction, differentials, square root, etc.
  6. Logical Unit – greater than, less than, equal to, opposite, etc.
Computer Fundamentals PDF

Computer Fundamentals PDF Download Link

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