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Telugu Rasi Phalalu 2022 to 2023

January 2022 – The health of the planets improves this month. With the advancement of education business career positions can come with money, even minor feuds. Money can sometimes get you into trouble. Older duels can meet some. Circling 27 times a day on Sunday in this month of the sun is conducive to desires.

February 2022 – This month the greedy deeds will be distorted. Get upset in the profession. It is good for husbands and wives to be happy. Some of the old duel will not be settled. It is better to reduce travel. Eye afflictions come at home. Cash flow will improve on the job. Make 11 rounds on Tuesday to Mars and donate some of the lentils to the Brahmins so that you can solve your procreation problems.

March 2022 – Financial transactions favorable this month. Make long journeys. It is better to walk according to plan. Irritations can occur at home. A few loans can be made this month. Valuables are priced. Some losses may also occur. Ideas abound in professional businesses. Problems due to real estate are high. So if you make 27 orbits to Saturn on Saturday and donate 1/2 kg, you will get rid of Saturn error and get happiness.

April 2022 – There will be a high level of employment this month. Higher profits come in business. Some questions come up with friends. Benefit to family members. There are home ground vehicle yogas. Remember the deity. Business employment can alleviate some of the suffering of the common people. Therefore, saffron worship of Goddess Durga and circumambulation on 21st Friday will be good for health.

May 2022 – Some things are favorable for general access to money this month. Some affairs are harassing. Relative deaths are high. Make frequent trips. Child marriage ties make education some difficult. Normal yoga runs this month. It is better to go to Srikalahasti and visit God. Great opportunities will come.

June 2022– There is a cash gain this month. Fame grows. Make divine decisions and start activities. In the business of the profession there is little work to be done in the handicrafts. Your work will go on depending on the strength of the effort. Release of grip is required. A quiet life is available. If you do Mercury Puja on Wednesday and do 21 rounds, you can complete all the tasks if you donate pesas. No doubt.

July 2022 – Planetary position favorable this month. Victory in political affairs. Satisfaction with professional employment. Conflicts come as a feminine element. Desires are fulfilled one by one. Lucky time runs out. Gets the cooperation of adults. Lakshmi Sthuthi will be performing this month. Lakshmi can do squats for sale. Business strength is good. It is better to be careful.

August 2022 – This month is auspicious. Some tasks come with interruptions. Convenient for children’s education. All work goes on. There will be some difficulties for money. Put the face aside and move forward with the action. Sri Ramanama Japa is important. Adequate profits can be made in a professional job business. Health improves. Adult health often suffers. Wealth can make the most of it.

September 2022 – Think and do every task this month. Achieve the goal with intellect. Problems await in professional employment businesses. Peer help is positive. Raise money with the help of friends. There are home appliances. Job-appropriate precautions are required. Make long journeys. Read the hymn of the Navagrahas. Some good luck. We do not enjoy the work we do.

October 2022 – This month will see good results in every transaction. There will be some benefit financially. The real money comes. The duel to come will come. Hostilities come with those closest to you. So go to Sri Venkateswara Temple and sing around and get satisfaction. The wife and children are happy at home. Money comes in handy in the job as well as in the craft. It is better to travel long distances.

November 2022 – The economy is doing well this month. Willpower is good. Excellent results will come. Health improves. A high status in the job is visible. Ten of the tenure benefits will come. Meditate. Academic work is not complete and successful. Businesses that go to court favor.

December 2022 – Money gains this month. Fame grows. The goal will not be achieved. A little effort is required in terms of employment. Good luck on the weekend. Children’s education is fun. Kids can strive for a golden future. Life success must be thought of. Professional job tasks run smoothly. It is advisable to visit God Srisaila during this month. Some good luck.

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