Setu Abhyas 2022-23 in Marathi PDF

Download Setu Abhyas 2022-23 in Marathi PDF

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Setu Abhyas 2022-23 in Marathi

Various surveys have revealed that due to this challenging situation, students’ studies have deteriorated. Also, according to the National Editorial Survey 2021, the number of students in languages, mathematics, science and social sciences in the state is declining. All this is affecting the quality of the school and the students are having difficulty in acquiring class wise and subject wise ability. For this reason, the Reconstructed Pool Study 2022-23 will be implemented.

Setu Abhyas 2022-23

  1. Reconstructed setu abhyas for Marathi, English, general science, mathematics and social sciences for class II to X.
  2. This study has been prepared class wise and subject wise and is based on the important abilities of previous classes.
  3. Reconstructed bridge study is of 30 days (school working days) in which day wise worksheets are given. Also, this Anyas has been prepared for Marathi, Urdu and English medium.
  4. Detailed instructions for teachers and students regarding the implementation of the Setu abhyas of the reconstructed Setu study are given at the beginning of the Setu study.
  5. The worksheets in this reconstructed bridge study are student-centered and action-oriented as well as learning outcomes. It is designed so that students can study on their own under the guidance of a teacher. Links to e-literature are also provided for greater clarity.
  6. Planning has been given in such a way that each student will solve the subject wise action sheet in this bridge study day by day.
Setu Abhyas 2022-23 in Marathi PDF

Implementing the Reconstructed Setu Study

  1. This setu abhyas setu abhyas is compulsory for all students of class II to X in all management schools. At the school level, the headmaster of the school should implement the bridge study according to the period mentioned above.
  2. Students should be subjected to subject wise pre-test before starting this setu abhyas. After checking the answer sheets, the teacher should keep a record of the marks of the student in the pre-test.
  3. In order to acquire the important abilities of the previous classes from this study, the bridge study should be implemented strictly at your level within 30 days of school work.
  4. These worksheets should be solved by the teacher according to the school schedule. 5. Under the guidance of the teacher, the students are expected to solve the task of the day. Students can solve this task in a separate notebook.
  5. After the completion of this bridge study, the subject wise answer of the students should be taken.

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