Hand book of Defence Pension for commissioned officers(ICOs) – 2021

Defence Pension for commissioned officers(ICOs) – 2021

Year – 2021

New Pension Code came into force w.e.f 01.06.1953 vide A.I 1/S/53. Since then tremendous changes have taken place in pensionary awards of the Armed Forces Personnel and their families due to the recommendation of the successive Central Pay Commission. These changes are scattered over a number of Govt. letters, memoranda etc. issued from time to time.

2. A need was, therefore, felt to review and update. The same with reference to latest Govt. letters, ruling and clarifications issued over a past these years and to summaries them in a precise manures.

3. Keeping the above facts in view, the efforts have been made to put the important changes made upto 2020 in fundamental principle in pension structure of various kinds of pensionary awards precisely in the form of a Hand Book.

4. I, hope, this Hand Book will be a useful guide to all the dealing staff and officers of this office who are employed on the sanction of various kinds of pensionary awards in their day to day working.

5. For facility, illustrations based on the Seventh CPC are given showing calculation of pension. Appendices showing changes in rates of the pension etc. with relevant authority have also been given. The Govt. letters mentioned in the Hand Book have also been listed with Group Order No. for necessary check as and when required.

6. The Hand Book has been prepared separately for PBORs and Commissioned Officers.

7. Any suggestion to improve this Hand Book would be gratefully acknowledged.

Rajiv Ranjan, IDAS
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension)

Source: pcdapension.nic.in

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