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16 Somvar Vrat Katha in Marathi

Once while traveling with Parvati, Shri Mahadevji came to the city of Amravati in the world of death. The local king had built a Shiva temple, which was very grand and beautiful and gave peace of mind. Shiva and Parvati also stopped there while traveling. Parvati said – Oh Nath! Let’s play backgammon at this place today. The game started. Shivaji started saying – I will win. Thus they began to talk to each other. At that time priests came to worship. Parvatiji asked – Pujariji, tell me who will win?

Pujari said- No one else can be proficient in this game like Mahadevji, so only Mahadevji will win this game. But the opposite happened, Parvati won. So Parvatiji cursed the priest to be a leper, saying that you lied. Now the priest is sick with leprosy. Shiva and Parvati both returned. After a while Apsaras came to worship. The nymph asked the priest the cause of his leprosy. The priest said everything.

Apsaras began to say – Priest, if you fast on 16th Monday, Shiva will be pleased and will remove your troubles. The priest asked the nymphs the method of fasting. Apsara explained the whole method of fasting and fasting. The priest formally started the fast with devotion and finally started the fast. As a result of the fast, the priest was cured.

A few days later, Shankar-Parvatji returned to the temple. Seeing the priest, Parvati asked him, “What have you done to get rid of my curse?” The priest said – Mother! According to the Apsaras, this problem of mine has been removed by fasting on 1st Monday.

Parvati also went on a fast on 16th Monday, as a result of which even Kartikeya, who was angry with her, became pleased with her mother and became obedient. >> Kartikeya asked- Mom! What is the reason that my mind is always on your feet? Parvatiji told Kartikeya the importance and method of fasting on 1st Monday, then when Kartikeya also fasted, he found his lost friend. Now my friend also fasted with the desire of marriage.

As a result, he went abroad. The king’s daughter was on her own. The king had promised to marry the princess to the one who wore the necklace. This Brahmin friend also went there and sat aside, wanting to see himself. When the elephants laid a wreath at this Brahmin friend, the king married his princess with great reluctance. After that both of them started living happily.

One day the princess asked – Oh Nath! What good did you do with an elephant necklace around your neck? The Brahmin husband said- According to Kartikeya, I fasted on 16th Monday with full devotion and devotion, so I got a lucky wife like you. Now the princess also fasted to be the son of truth and became the perfect son by all virtues. Growing up, the boy also fasted 16 Mondays with the desire to get the kingdom.

When Raja Devlok was born, this Brahman Kumar got the throne, but he continued this fast. One day he asked his wife to take the worship material to the idol, but she received the worship material sent by his servants. When the king finished the pooja, a voice came from the sky saying, King, leave this wife, or you will lose the palace.

At the command of the Lord, he sent his wife out of the palace. Then, cursing her fate, she went to an old woman and told her grief and told the old woman – I did not take the worship material to the idol as the king told me and the king threw me out.

The old woman said – you have to do my job. He accepted, then the old woman put a cotton swab on his head and sent it to the market. The bundle on his head was blown away when a storm came along the way. The old woman hit him and took him away.

Now the queen walked from the old woman’s place to an ashram. Seeing him, Gusanji realized the misfortune of a tall house. He reassured her and said- girl, stay in my ashram, don’t worry about anything. The queen started living in the ashram, but whatever she touched, it would be bad. Seeing this, Gusainji asked, “Daughter, which god’s crime is this?” The queen said that I had disobeyed my husband’s order and did not go to the Shivalaya for worship, which caused me a lot of trouble.

Gusainji prayed for Shiva’s health and said- Girl, you should fast on 16th Monday, then the queen completed the fast. As a result of the fast, the king remembered the queen and sent messengers in search of her.

The messengers saw the queen in the ashram and told the king. Then the king went there and said to Gusanji – Maharaj! This is my wife. I had given it up. Please let it go with me. By the grace of Shiva, by fasting on the 16th Monday of every year, he started living happily and finally reached Shivlok.

After listening to the story, sing Shiva’s Aarti ‘Om Jai Shiv Omkar’.

16 Somvar Vrat Katha

Fasting Method

  • Vrata should be started on the first Monday of Shravan. The vow should be observed on the 17th Monday, which falls on the 16th Monday. Or the auspicious Monday vrata of any month should be observed.
  • If it is not possible to stop after the month of Shravan, ask your Guruji on any auspicious constellation Monday and start Vrata on the sixteenth Monday.
  • In the beginning, if possible, go to Shiva temple in the morning to make Sankalp. The vow of Lord Shiva performed on sixteen consecutive Mondays is called “Sixteenth Monday” vow.
  • At the beginning of the fast, after bathing in the morning, wearing a white or washed cloth, women and virgin girls should wear white sari and worship Manobhave Shankara. Fast throughout the day. Remember Shankara in your mind.

Sixteenth Monday Vrat Udyapan Puja material

  • Turmeric, kumkum, gulal, akshata, abir, bhasma, panchamrut, 500 gm milk, flowers, sandalwood scent, perfume, janve, white cloth, piece, oatmeal , Fruit, bella leaves 108, belfal, coconut 2.
  • Go to the temple of Lord Shiva and worship Lord Shiva with all your heart. 108 or 1000 bills should flow. Aarti should be performed by showing the offering. Pray in your heart for fulfilling your wish.
  • Divide the churma into three parts, one part should be given to God, Brahmins and devotees in the temple.
  • If the temple of Lord Shiva is not near or it is not possible to go to the temple, then a Brahmin should be called at home and worship of Lord Shiva should be performed. Do all the things you are told to do in the temple.
  • Even on the day of Udyapana, like the previous 16 Mondays, “Sola Monday Katha” should be read. Aarti should be done as “Shivastuti”. Everyone should feel the prasad of churma, you should take prasad while eating. Everyone in the family should eat.
  • The experience so far is that Lord Shiva Shankar fulfills all the desires of those who fast with fervor and fidelity.

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