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Samudrik Shastra in Hindi

Ancient Samudrik Shastra is one of the important scriptures of Hinduism. Through Samudrik Shastra, not only by looking at the whole body but only by looking at the face, some such facts can be told about a person, knowing which not only that person but also the people near him will be surprised.

Raja Yoga:- The person whose navel is deep, the nose or the front part ie the front part is straight, the chest is red in color, the soles of the feet are soft, such a person progresses through the yoga of Raja Yoga.

Raja Yoga Dhanvan Yoga:- If there is any sign of any of these in the garland of chakra flowers, bow chariot posture, then Lakshmi ji resides here.

Uchhapada Yoga:- If a woman or a man in whose hands the sun line meets the head line and becomes clear from the head line and turns into a quadrangle in the Guru area, then such a person is exalted.

PCS or IS Yoga:- One who has high Sun and Guru mountain in his hand and has a trident sign on Mount Shani, the Moon line is related to the fate line and the fate line starts from the middle of the palm, one branch is on the mount of Guru and the other line on the mount of Sun. If you go then definitely this yoga is for that person.

Foreign Travel Yoga:- If a woman or a man in whose hand a branch crosses the line of fate crosses the line of the moon, then it indicates foreign travel.

Bhoomi Swami Yoga:- In whose hand a vertical line running from the Sun region touches the Moon line, a branch from the head line joining the Moon line and making a mark of Damru, then that person is entitled to be an ideal citizen and landowner.

Pilot Yoga:- If the moon line is up to the life line in the hand, the mountain of Mercury and Jupiter is high, if there is no obstruction to the heart line, then that person comes in the category of pilot.

Driver Yoga:- If the fingernails of the hand are long, the palm is square, the moon mountain is high, the sun line touches the heart line, the head line meets on Mars or forms a triangle, then such a person is a driver of small and big vehicles.

Vakil Yoga:- If the Saturn and Jupiter line are fully glowing and developed or the line reaches to the ring of Jupiter in the region of the wrist, then such a person has the status of a law-abiding judge.

Lucky Yoga:- A person who has strong two mountains out of the seven planetary mountains in his right hand and the line related to them is clear, then the person is fortunate.

Gambler Bookie Yoga:- The person whose ring finger is equal to the middle finger, then such a person is a bookie and a gambler.

Yoga of theft:- If a man or a woman has a Mount of Mercury developed in her hand and a net is laid on it, then there are frequent thefts in her house.

Yoga of Police Service:- In whose hand a line touches a line from the mount of Mars to the mount of Sun and the finger of Saturn, then the person works in the army or police department.

Yoga of Unfortunate:- If the person has a shallow rectangle in the middle of his hand, then this type of person is always irritable and careless.

Falita Shastri Yoga:- The person who has advanced mounts of Mudrika or Saturn Venus Mercury under the mount of Guru, is an astrologer.

Nurse Sevika Yoga:- If the woman whose wrists are round, thin and long, there are vertical lines on the Mount of Mercury and the Mount of Venus is high, then the caste is clever in the work of a nurse.

Pulse tester:- The person whose moon mount is high, that person is knowledgeable of the pulse.

Treacherous or selfish yoga:- The person whose nails are short, the palm is white in color, if the head line meets the heart line, then such a person is a traitor, thick hand and the finger of Mercury is tilted in any direction also gives this yoga, the finger of Mercury The smallest finger is called

Widow or Widow Yoga:- If the marriage line later meets the heart line or the fate line is broken or there is a black spot on the line, then such a person is a widow or a widower.

Poor and Unhappy Yoga:- If a net is laid on the lifeline of a person, then such a person becomes poor and unhappy.

Absence of parents Yoga:- The person who has triangle island sign only after Mani Bandha in his hand, then the person is far away or inferior from his parents since childhood. The person in whose palm small lines are coming from the place of Mars to the life line from between the index finger and the thumb and meeting with the life line, then the person keeps getting body troubles again and again, but along with the life line, no one If the tributary line is running, then the luck and favor of the person keeps away from those troubles.

Due to the deepening of the life line, the person becomes poor, if it is deep red in color, then it becomes angry if it is black in color, then keeps many secrets hidden, and if there is a teddy bear, the person is going to do something sometimes.

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