Implementation of DTS, Phase IV for the Defence Accounts Department

Defence Travel System, Phase IV for the Defence Accounts Department

Government of India
Controller General of Defence Accounts
(Defence Travel System, E-Ticketing Project)

No. EDP/600/E-Ticketing/ Phase IV

Dated: 09/06/22

(As per List Attached)

Sub: Implementation of Defence Travel System, Phase IV for the Defence Accounts Department – reg.

The Defence Travel System, Phase IV has been rolled out for implementation by the Controller General of Defence Accounts, with effect from 09.05.2022. The initiative is a significant milestone in the overall digitization of work processes of the Department under Digital India programme of Government of India. It is aimed to result in a seamless functioning environment and standardized audit of all claims related to Permanent Transfer/ Temporary Duty/ LTC/ Other travel related activities, as initiated through the DTS.

2. For the purpose, it is requested that all the Principal Controllers/ Controllers/ Office Incharge(s) may provision for the creation of user profiles on the DTS platform, for all Officers/ Personnel, posted and functioning under their Administrative jurisdiction. Besides, the officials and personnel assigned to perform official travel duties or availing LTC facilities as per respective entitlements, may be duly encouraged to utilize the facilities of booking tickets for their journey through the DTS portal. The process shall benefit in digitization of the activity with end-to-end solutions, including final settlement of claims thereof.

3. It is further requested, that a Monthly Report in the prescribed format as per Annexure A attached, may be submitted to the DTS Control Centre in DAD Headquarters, for regular monitoring and analysis of the data. The report for the month, may kindly be provided by 7th of subsequent month on the email ID as follows,

4. For your kind consideration and necessary action please.

This is issued with the approval of Addl. CGDA(IT&S).

Sanjay Varma, IDAS


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