Important PCDA ADVISORY No. 32 on Retirement, Pension benefits, Reemployment, Redeployment of Army officers

Points to be noted by all Indian Army Officers retiring in near future as well as Re-employed Officers

Most Important Message


Date : 12.05.2022

O/o The PCDA(Q), Pune, (Public Relation Office PRO)

Office of the PCDA (O), Pune is responsible for doing audit and making payment of Pay and Allowances of all personal claims including Travelling Allowances and Leave Travel Concessions as well as finalization of Terminal Benefits on Retirement of all the Army officers (including Military Nursing officers and Officer’s in the Territorial Army).

The following general points or items may please be noted by for all the Officers of Indian Army retiring in near future as well as Re-employed Officers.


Which is their entitlements and for which they are authorized for doing exemplary service, devoted, dedicated for serving the nation and defence preparedness the Army Officers are entitled for :

1.Leave encashment for maximum of 300 days. ( Basic Pay + DA+ NPA (if any)
2. DSOP Fund with up-to-date interest.
3. Gratuity of Maximum amount of Rs.20,00,000/- ( Rs. Twenty Lakhs)
4. Pension is 50% of Basic Pay + Military Special Pay + Non Practicing Allowance (if any)
5. Commutation of Pension (Lump sum payment of pension) maximum 50% and it will be calculated on the basis of Commutation table.
6. If any Officer is commuting pension, he will get reduced pension up to the percentage % of commutation for 15 years after that regular pension.


1. Documents required for commencement of Pay, viz.
i. MS Branch Letter
ii. Reemployment Part II order
iii. Cancelled Cheque
2. No Composite Transfer Grant, Baggage is entitled for joining the re-employment
3. Only fare for Self and Family is admissible
4. No accumulation of leave is permissible in re-employment
5. Final Retirement (CTG/Baggage) claim will be admissible only once either at the time of retirement or release from re-employment
6. Brigadier will be granted equivalent Pay of Colonel (TS) on re-employment.
7. Maximum pay on reemployment is Rs.2,25,000/- (Rs. Two Lakhs Twenty Five Thousand) inclusive of MSP.
8. Basic pension after deducting Rs.15,000/- (Rs. Fifteen Thousand) will be deducted as CVP (Commuted Value of Pension) up to the age of 54 years only after which full basic pension is deducted as CVP.

This is being circulated for wide publicity dissemination and kind information please to make the Army Officers aware of their rights, entitlements and remuneration.

This is issued with the kind approval of PCDA (O), Pune.



(Shri Chandra Prakash, IDAS)
Jt Controller



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