Extension in joining IRHS – Guidelines and Procedure

Extension in joining and revival policy

File No.2015/E(GR)II/7/4

Date of uploading: 19.04.2022


1. Extension in Joining IRHS (earlier known as IRMS):

Extension in joining time is subject to guidelines contained in Department of Personnel and Training’s Office Memorandum No. 35015/2/93-Estt.(D) dated 09.08.1995 (http://documents.doptcirculars.nic.in/D2/D02est/35015 2 93 Estt.(D).pdf). As per the OM:

i) An offer of appointment lapses automatically after expiry of six months from the date of issue of offer of appointment (not from the date of reporting to National Academy of Indian Railways/NAIR for joining). For e.g if offer of appointment has been issued on 10- 02-2019 directing a candidate to report to Training Institute on 21-03-2019 for joining formalities etc. then the offer of appointment will automatically lapse after six months i.e. from 10-02-2019 and not 21-03-2019.
ii) The guidelines provide for extension in joining time on justified grounds. As such extension in joining time is not a matter of right. Only justified cases supported with documentary proof can be considered for grant of extension in joining time.
iii) Request for extension in joining time should reach Railway Board well in advance. The same should be dispatched through speed post. After dispatch of the request through Speed Post, a copy of the same duly scanned should also be emailed with 13 digit speed post reference number to egr2.349[at]gmail.com.
iv) In candidate’s own interest, they should pursue their request for extension in joining time at least 10 days prior to the date of joining NAIR.
v) Non-receipt of letter granting extension in joining time or non-receipt of any type of communication from Ministry of Railways in this regard, etc. will not be considered as a reason for not joining and subsequently requesting for revival of offer.
vi) All requests for extension should be accompanied with specific time upto which extension is required.

2. Revival of offer of appointments that have lapsed:

i. An offer that has lapsed can be revived only by Union Public Service Commission for which Commission has stipulated certain conditions in its Revival Policy. Ministry of Railways or Ministry of Health and Family Welfare do not have power/authority to revive the same. In this regard they act as points-man only.
ii. Revival of offer is subject to DoP&T’s O.M. No. 9/23/71-Estt.(D) dated 6th June, 1978 (http://documents.doptcirculars.nic.in/D2/D02est/9_23_71_Estt.(D).pdf) or any other instructions to be issued from time to time.
iii. UPSC vide its letter No. No 7/18/2018/E.XIII dated 18.09.2018 has stipulated time period of 2 ½ years for revival of lapsed offer of appointment in case of doctors recruited through examination to be followed as a general guideline. Any relaxation to this may be considered on a case to case basis with stipulation that time limit may be relaxed upto three years only in case where the reason cited is higher study of Post Graduation Degree. This three years period is computed from the date of issue of offer of appointment which is inclusive of maximum six months period of extension in joining service provided by DoP&T in their O.M. No. 35015/2/93-Estt.(D) dated 09.08.1995. UPSC’ Revival Policy is not applicable to Super Specialty PG Courses. viz. M.Ch. or DM.

3. Guidelines for making request for revival of lapsed offer:
Candidates already enrolled for a Post Graduation Course in Medical Sciences (Three years duration) or Post Graduation Diploma Course (Two years duration) and wish to pursue the same and join Indian Railway Heath Service (IRHS) (earlier known as Indian Railway Medical Service/IRMS) after its completion should scrupulously follow the procedure below:

i. An intimation should be sent to Section Officer, E(GR)-II Section, Ministry of Railways (Railway Board), Room No.2A, Ground Floor, Rail Bhavan, Raisina Road, New Delhi- 110001 within a period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of issue of offer of appointment to IRHS.
ii. Bonafide Certificate from Medical Institutes/Colleges/University indicating dates of commencement and completion of PG course/PG Diploma along with liability of Bond period to work after completion of PG, etc. if executed should be enclosed.

Please note, candidates:

i. who are compulsorily required to execute a Bond Period with Institutes/Colleges/University to work further period after completion of PG course/PG Diploma unless they settle the Bond’s liability and get relieved with No Due Certificate
ii. candidates who enroll in a PG course/PG Diploma after issue of offer of appointment cannot be considered for revival of offer of appointment by UPSC if they do not fulfill the condition specified in para 2 (iii) above.

Also please note that No extension in joining time is admissible in respect of candidates whose offers are revived by UPSC.

After completion of PG Course/PG Diploma eligible candidates should send a formal request for revival of offer of appointment to Section Officer, E(GR)-II Section, Ministry of Railways (Railway Board), Room No.2A, Ground Floor, Rail Bhavan, Raisina Road, New Delhi-110001 at least 45 days before the lapse of three years period in respect of PG Course and 2 ½ years in respect of PG Diploma course from the date of issue of offer of appointment with following documents:-

(i) Formal request for revival ( as per enclosed format of application)
(ii) Copy of Provisional PG degree duly self attested alongwith mark sheets etc.
(iii) Declaration accepting bottom seniority in terms of DoP&T’s OM dated 6th June, 1978(as per enclosed format)
(iv) Undertaking to work in Railway Zone to be allotted by Competent Authority. (no preference of zone will be sought from the candidates for revival cases) (as per enclosed format)
(v) Copies of original offer of appointment alongwith any other letters issued by Railway Board in connection with Revival of offer duly self attested.
(vi) Declaration indicating latest mailing address alongwith Pincode, mobile, whatsapp number and Email ID for receiving revival offer.
(vii) Undertaking to join Foundation Course/Field Training as per the schedule indicated by Railway Board having fully aware that no extension in joining time in respect of revival offer is allowed as per rules of Central Government.

After dispatch of above documents through Speed Post, the same duly scanned should be emailed with 13 digit speed post reference number to egr2.349[at]gmail.com. Please note incomplete proposal for revival will not be forwarded to UPSC.

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