List of Hospitals for Covid Vaccine in Punjab

Name of the hospitalCityView
Dr Om Parkash Eye Institute Private LimitedAmritsarDetails
Bajwa HospitalAmritsarDetails
Pulse HospitalAmritsarDetails
Kartar Kaur Memorial HospitalAmritsarDetails
Hartaj Healthcare Multispeciality HospitalAmritsarDetails
Care & Cure Medicity HospitalAmritsarDetails
Vishal HospitalAmritsarDetails
Kamal Mahajan Children HospitalAmritsarDetails
S.Mehar Singh HospitalAmritsarDetails
Life Line HospitalAmritsarDetails
Satguru Multispeciality HospitalAmritsarDetails
Ranjit HospitalAmritsarDetails
Nova Medicity HospitalAmritsarDetails
Dhingra General HospitalAmritsarDetails
Uppal Neuro HospitalAmritsarDetails
The Corporate HospitalAmritsarDetails
Parkash HospitalAmritsarDetails
Apex Hospital 1. Kansal Neuro & Cardiac CentreAmritsarDetails
Preet HospitalAmritsarDetails
Medicaid Hospital & Critical Care CentreAmritsarDetails
Guru Nanak Mission General HospitalAmritsarDetails
Nulife HospitalAmritsarDetails
Jain Nursing And Maternity HomeAmritsarDetails
Mahajan HospitalAmritsarDetails
M.S. Multispeciality HospitalAmritsarDetails
Gupta HospitalAmritsarDetails
Emc Super Speciality Hospital Pvt. Ltd.AmritsarDetails
Smt Poonam Soni Memorial HospitalAmritsarDetails
Carewell Heart & Super Specialty HospitalAmritsarDetails
Parveen Saini HospitalAmritsarDetails
Mata Kaulan Ji Mission HospitalAmritsarDetails
Life Kare HospitalAmritsarDetails
Hartej HospitalAmritsarDetails
Sukhbir Hospital And Nursing HomeAmritsarDetails
Vision Plus Eye HospitalAmritsarDetails
Dr Karam Singh Memorial Multispeciality HospitalAmritsarDetails
Gupta Multispeciality HospitalAmritsarDetails
Biala Orthopaedics And Multispeciality HospitalAmritsarDetails
Surjit HospitalAmritsarDetails
Sanjeevan HospitalAmritsarDetails
Sareen HospitalAmritsarDetails
Dr. Gbm Dukh Niwaran Hospital & Multispeciality Centre A Unit Of New Dukh Niwaran EnterprisesAmritsarDetails
Shoor Multi Super Speciality HospitalAmritsarDetails
Dr.Shakeen Eye Dental & Lasik Laser HospitalAmritsarDetails
Dev HospitalAmritsarDetails
Nirmaljot Eye HospitalAmritsarDetails
Mundh HospitalAmritsarDetails
Mokha Hospital & Kidney Care CentreAmritsarDetails
Choudhary Ent And MaternityAmritsarDetails
Dr.Parminder Singh Pannu Memorial Janta HospitalAmritsarDetails
Madaan HospitalAmritsarDetails
Florem HospitalAmritsarDetails
Randhawa Hospital Cardiac CareAmritsarDetails
Dhruv Maternity And Nursing HomeAmritsarDetails
Hargun HospitalAmritsarDetails
Sri Guru Ram Dass Charitable HospitalAmritsarDetails
Pasricha Medicare CentreAmritsarDetails
Dr Daljit Singh Eye HospitalAmritsarDetails
Ajit HospitalAmritsarDetails
Prisha Eye HospitalAmritsarDetails
Amritsar Eye HospitalAmritsarDetails
S K HospitalAmritsarDetails
City HospitalAmritsarDetails
Smt Shanti Seth HospitalAmritsarDetails
Dr Punjs Artemis HospitalAmritsarDetails
Chandan HospitalAmritsarDetails
Dr. Adarsh Heart & Superspeciality HospitalAmritsarDetails
Jai Kamal Eye HospitalAmritsarDetails
Holy Heart Hospital & Super Speciality CenterAmritsarDetails
Dhaliwal HospitalAmritsarDetails
Guru Nanak Nursing HomeAmritsarDetails
Ohri Chest And Multispeciality HospitalAmritsarDetails
Guru Kirpa HospitalAmritsarDetails
Med Card Multispeciality HospitalAmritsarDetails
Shri Chuni Lal Memorial Gulati HospitalAmritsarDetails
Diwan Singh Memorial Hospital Pvt. Ltd.AmritsarDetails
Rippan HospitalAmritsarDetails
Dashmesh HospitalAmritsarDetails
Sidhu HospitalAmritsarDetails
Taj HospitalAmritsarDetails
Nanda HospitalAmritsarDetails
Sri Guru Ram Das Charitable HospitalAmritsarDetails
Sandhu Prime Multispeciality HospitalAmritsarDetails
Kh Memorial HospitalAmritsarDetails
Mittal HospitalBarnalaDetails
Punjab Eye HospitalBarnalaDetails
Dr Nareshhospital &Heart CentreBarnalaDetails
Lifeline Multispeciality HospitalBarnalaDetails
Prem Eye And Maternity HospitalBarnalaDetails
Dr Pardeep Sharma HospitalBarnalaDetails
Sood Nursing HomeBarnalaDetails
Avtar HospitalBarnalaDetails
Bharat Surgical And Maternity Centre BarnalaBarnalaDetails
Tathgur HospitalBarnalaDetails
Maheshwari Children Hospital & Vaccination CentreBathindaDetails
Gurdev HospitalBathindaDetails
Bathinda Lasik Laser CentreBathindaDetails
Ravinder HospitalBathindaDetails
Bajaj Children Hospital And Shishu Care Centre BathindaBathindaDetails
Jindal Heart Institute & Infertility CentreBathindaDetails
Delhi Heart Institute & Multispeciality HospitalBathindaDetails
Major Gupta HospitalBathindaDetails
Dayal Kidney HospitalBathindaDetails
Bansal Hospital And Cancer CentreBathindaDetails
Navjivan Nursing HomeBathindaDetails
Vijay Kids Superspeciality HospitalBathindaDetails
Parkash HospitalBathindaDetails
Jiwan Jyoti Maternity HospitalBathindaDetails
Sarvesh Divya HospitalBathindaDetails
City HospitalBathindaDetails
Rama HospitalBathindaDetails
R G HospitalBathindaDetails
Chandigarh Clinic And Nursing HomeBathindaDetails
Bathinda Neurospine And Trauma CentreBathindaDetails
Nagpal Superspeciality HospitalBathindaDetails
Prime Care HospitalBathindaDetails
Wadi HospitalBathindaDetails
Jindal Ent HospitalBathindaDetails
Maan Hospital & Dialysis CentreBathindaDetails
Bombay Clinic & Multispeciality HospitalBathindaDetails
Gupta Hospital BathindaBathindaDetails
Khadial Children HospitalBathindaDetails
Global Health CareBathindaDetails
Delhi Child Care And Dental HospitalBathindaDetails
Brar Eye Hospital Pvt LtdBathindaDetails
Nivaran Super Specialty HospitalBathindaDetails
Badyal Multispeciality Hospital And Trauma CentreBathindaDetails
Romana HospitalBathindaDetails
Pulse Advanced Heart & Critical Care CentreBathindaDetails
Indrani HospitalBathindaDetails
Bansal Surgical & Maternity HospitalBathindaDetails
Darshan Superspeciality HospitalBathindaDetails
R Gagan Gastro CareBathindaDetails
Singla Eye Care And Phaco CentreBathindaDetails
Chhabra Hospital & Test Tube Baby CentreBathindaDetails
Usha Mission HospitalBathindaDetails
Sra Eye Hospital Superspeciality Eye HospitalBathindaDetails
Sanjivini New Born & Chilld Care HospitalBathindaDetails
Ekjyot Eye HospitalsBathindaDetails
D.M. Bone & Joint HospitalBathindaDetails
Orthocare HospitalBathindaDetails
Ashirwad HospitalBathindaDetails
Kalra Multi Specialty HospitalBathindaDetails
Pragma HospitalBathindaDetails
Punjab Cancer Care & Research CentreBathindaDetails
Ivy HospitalBathindaDetails
Chahal HospitalBathindaDetails
Jaura Orthopaedic & Maternity HospitalBathindaDetails
Vision Plus Advanced Eye Care CentreBathindaDetails
S D Mahabir Dal HospitalBathindaDetails
Guru Ram Dass HospitalBathindaDetails
Grover HospitalBathindaDetails
Satyam Heart & Superspeciality HospitalBathindaDetails
D.D. Bone & Joint HospitalBathindaDetails
Kiran Eye Care CentreBathindaDetails
Apex Hospital RampuraBathindaDetails
Ekjyot Eye HospitalsBathindaDetails
Sidhu Nursing HomeBathindaDetails
Kiran Nursing HomeBathindaDetails
Loins Eye Care CenterFaridkotDetails
Dasmesh HospitalFaridkotDetails
Madhu Nursing HomeFaridkotDetails
Garg Hospital And Diagnostic CentreFaridkotDetails
Bikram Joint & Trauma CentreFaridkotDetails
Boor Singh MemorialFaridkotDetails
Rajan Hospital & Heart CentreFaridkotDetails
Chandigarh Child Care CentreFaridkotDetails
Brar Eye Hospital Private LimitedFaridkotDetails
Ujala Charitable Children HospitalFaridkotDetails
Vikram New Born Children Hospital And Gagan Maternity HomeFaridkotDetails
Singla Nursing & Eye HospitalFaridkotDetails
Kataria Medical Center Private LimitedFaridkotDetails
Dhillon Eye Hospital & Laser CentreFatehgarh SahibDetails
Bither Multispeciality HospitalFatehgarh SahibDetails
Rana Nursing HomeFatehgarh SahibDetails
Preet HospitalFatehgarh SahibDetails
Indus Fatehgarh Sahib HospitalFatehgarh SahibDetails
Sohal HospitalFatehgarh SahibDetails
Shalley Nursing HomeFatehgarh SahibDetails
Life Care HospitalFatehgarh SahibDetails
Ram HospitalFatehgarh SahibDetails
Rana Clinic & HospitalFatehgarh SahibDetails
Sukhmani Eye Care And Phaco CentreFazilkaDetails
Dr Chalana Eye HospitalFazilkaDetails
Loona Nursing HomeFazilkaDetails
Jyoti HospitalFazilkaDetails
Ekjyot Eye HospitalsFazilkaDetails
Nagpal Nursing HomeFazilkaDetails
Global HospitalFazilkaDetails
Sai Hospital & Laproscopic Surgery CenterFazilkaDetails
V Care HospitalFazilkaDetails
Shivratan Children HospitalFazilkaDetails
Arora Health CareFazilkaDetails
Mujral Nursing Home FazilkaFazilkaDetails
Dang Eye HospitalFazilkaDetails
Amrit HospitalFazilkaDetails
Gupta HospitalFazilkaDetails
Chandrawati HospitalFazilkaDetails
Kalra HosptalFirozepurDetails
Osahan HospitalFirozepurDetails
Baath Eye Care CentreFirozepurDetails
A One Nagi Hospital & Eh Research CenterFirozepurDetails
Asija Eye & Child CareFirozepurDetails
Kalia Eye & Maternity HospitalFirozepurDetails
Anil Baghi HospitalFirozepurDetails
Dr. Hansraj Multispelicity HospitalFirozepurDetails
Kahlon HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Satsar HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Sandhu HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Prabh Simran HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Gurnoor HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Bajwa HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Aashirwad HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Surjit Hospital KalanaurGurdaspurDetails
Gurunanak Multispeciality HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Kohli HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Baba Gurdit Singh Kalsi Children HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Abrol Medical CentreGurdaspurDetails
Jyoti Parkash Eye Care CentreGurdaspurDetails
R.P. Arora MedicityGurdaspurDetails
Jcnanda HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Mahajan Children HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Lifecaremultispeciality HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Bahri HospitalGurdaspurDetails
New Mahajan HospitalGurdaspurDetails
Bibi Kaulan Ji HospitalGurdaspurDetails
New Shri Bawa Lal Ji HospGurdaspurDetails
Rishi Eye Care CentreHoshiarpurDetails
Public HospitalHoshiarpurDetails
Ruchi Eye HospitalHoshiarpurDetails
Advance Eye Care Centre DasuyaHoshiarpurDetails
Swami Premanand Charitable HospitalHoshiarpurDetails
Gautam Eye HospitalHoshiarpurDetails
Ramanpreet HospitalHoshiarpurDetails
Ashok HospitalHoshiarpurDetails
Universal Hospital And Trauma CentreHoshiarpurDetails
Bariana Eye Hospital & Lasik Laser CentreHoshiarpurDetails
Rrm Central HospitalHoshiarpurDetails
Deep Eye HospitalHoshiarpurDetails
Thind Eye HospitalHoshiarpurDetails
Aman HospitalHoshiarpurDetails
Prkm Modern HospitalHoshiarpurDetails
Dhami Hospital & Trauma CenterHoshiarpurDetails
Shivam HospitalHoshiarpurDetails
S.B. Eye Care HospitalHoshiarpurDetails
Ivy Healthcare Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.HoshiarpurDetails
Modi Nursing HomeHoshiarpurDetails
Naradhospital Multispeciality & Trauma CentreHoshiarpurDetails
Sikka HospitalJalandharDetails
Jammu HospitalJalandharDetails
Rajan Memorial TrustJalandharDetails
Genesis Fertility & Surgical CenterJalandharDetails
Cardionova Institute Of Medical SciencesJalandharDetails
Duggal Eye HospitalJalandharDetails
Central Hospital & Maternity HomeJalandharDetails
Altis Multispeciality HospitalJalandharDetails
Patel Hospital JalandharJalandharDetails
Makkar HospitalJalandharDetails
India Kidney Hospital And Dialysis CentreJalandharDetails
Kataria Eye & Ent Hospital Pvt LtdJalandharDetails
Oxford Hospital Pvt LtdJalandharDetails
Ranjit HospitalJalandharDetails
Bbc Heart CareJalandharDetails
Arora Eye Hospital & Retina CentreJalandharDetails
Joshi Hospital And Trauma Centre Kapurthala Chowk JalandharJalandharDetails
Sangha Eye HospitalJalandharDetails
Sood Eye Care CentreJalandharDetails
Amar HospitalJalandharDetails
Satyam Hospital & Trauma CentreJalandharDetails
Jalandhar Nursing Home And Maternity HospitalJalandharDetails
Kidney Hospital & Life Line Medical InstitutionsJalandharDetails
Baweja Eye HospitalJalandharDetails
Orthonova Joint & Trauma Hospital Pvt LtdJalandharDetails
Goel Kidney CareJalandharDetails
Mahajan Eye Hospital & Maternity HomeJalandharDetails
Dmc Hospital & Trauma CentreJalandharDetails
Apex Hospital & Maternity HomeJalandharDetails
Dang Nursing HomeJalandharDetails
Pasricha Hospital And Maternity HomeJalandharDetails
Oculus Eye HospitalJalandharDetails
Harpreet Eye And Dental CareJalandharDetails
Doaba Hospital Pvt LtdJalandharDetails
Pal Hospital Eyetec Clinics & The Childern CentreJalandharDetails
New Ruby Hospital Pvt LtdJalandharDetails
Jalandhar Heart CentreJalandharDetails
Aastha HospitalJalandharDetails
Arman HospitalJalandharDetails
Shakuntala Devi Vig HospitalJalandharDetails
Ankur Kids Superspeciality HospitalJalandharDetails
Star SuperspecialityJalandharDetails
Aggarwal Liver And Gut Superspeciality HospitalJalandharDetails
Thind Eye HospitalJalandharDetails
Vedanta Multispeciality HospitalJalandharDetails
Akal Eye HospitalJalandharDetails
Sarvodya HospitalJalandharDetails
Global HospitalJalandharDetails
Ghai HospitalJalandharDetails
Sigma HospitalJalandharDetails
Kamal Multispeciality HospitalJalandharDetails
Janta Hospital & Maternity HomeJalandharDetails
Hp Orthocare HospitalJalandharDetails
Armaan HospitalJalandharDetails
Aashirwad HospitalJalandharDetails
Sacred Heart HospitalJalandharDetails
Karan HospitalJalandharDetails
Vasal Hospital Pvt LtdJalandharDetails
Pmg Children HospitalJalandharDetails
Nhs Hospital A Unit Of Nasa Brain And Spine CentreJalandharDetails
Shrimann Superspeciality HospitalJalandharDetails
Capitol HospitalJalandharDetails
Chodha HospitalJalandharDetails
New Hope Stone & Fertility ClinicJalandharDetails
S.G.L. Super Speciality Charitable HospitalJalandharDetails
Mann Mediciti HospitalJalandharDetails
S. Satnam Singh Memorial Innocent Hearts Multispeciality HospitalJalandharDetails
Kamal HospitalJalandharDetails
Akal Eye HospitalJalandharDetails
Smt Savitri Memorial Miglani HospitalJalandharDetails
R S Gandhi Helping Hands HospitalJalandharDetails
Mitra Eye Hospital PhagwaraKapurthalaDetails
Dr Rajan Eye Care Hospital & Lasik Laser CentreKapurthalaDetails
Narula Orthopaedic HospitalKapurthalaDetails
Deepak HospitalLudhianaDetails
Mittal Nursing Hospital And Trauma Center Pvt LtdLudhianaDetails
Aimc Bassi HospitalLudhianaDetails
Rahi Care Pvt LtdLudhianaDetails
N K Aggarwal Joints And Spine CentreLudhianaDetails
Asg Hospital Pvt LtdLudhianaDetails
Bhandari Starlife Eye Hospital & Lasik Laser CentreLudhianaDetails
Arogya HospitalLudhianaDetails
Dr Preets Eye Surgery And Laser CentreLudhianaDetails
Arora Neuro CentreLudhianaDetails
Advanced Centre For EyesLudhianaDetails
Brar Eye CentreLudhianaDetails
Dhami Eye Care HospitalLudhianaDetails
Anurag Eye CentreLudhianaDetails
Sobti Neuro & Super Specialty HospitalLudhianaDetails
Ludhiana MediwaysLudhianaDetails
Jeewan HospitalLudhianaDetails
Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Charitable HospitalLudhianaDetails
Hunjan HospitalLudhianaDetails
Shah Hospital Laproscopic And A.R.T. CentreLudhianaDetails
Pancham HospitalLudhianaDetails
Chugh Eye Surgery CentreLudhianaDetails
Kosmoss Bone And Joint CentreLudhianaDetails
Shilpy HospitalLudhianaDetails
Ambay Eye Care And Lasik CentreLudhianaDetails
Lifeline HospitalLudhianaDetails
Sns Pahwa Charitable HospitalLudhianaDetails
Verma Charitable HospitalLudhianaDetails
Chawla Nursing HomeLudhianaDetails
Uspc Jain Charitable HospitalLudhianaDetails
Mahindra Eye CentreLudhianaDetails
Hunar Hospital & Eye Care CenterLudhianaDetails
Anupam HospitalLudhianaDetails
Kalyan HospitalLudhianaDetails
Aykai HospitalLudhianaDetails
Kalra HospitalLudhianaDetails
Om Eye And Maternity HospitalLudhianaDetails
Poly Eye HospitalLudhianaDetails
Dr Ramesh Superspeciality Eye And Laser CentreLudhianaDetails
Sri Balaji Stone & Super Specialty HospitalLudhianaDetails
Rana Eye And Maternity HospitalLudhianaDetails
Harpreet Eye Care CentreLudhianaDetails
Garg Superspeciality HospitalLudhianaDetails
Sankara Eye Hospital Ludhiana Unit Of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical TrustLudhianaDetails
Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha Charitable HospitalLudhianaDetails
Life Care HospitalLudhianaDetails
Kaushal Hospital And Surgical CentreLudhianaDetails
Jerath Eye And Skin HospitalLudhianaDetails
Karan Hospital Multi Speciality CenterLudhianaDetails
Gurlabh Nursing HomeLudhianaDetails
Prolife HospitalsLudhianaDetails
Shri Guru Nanak HospitalLudhianaDetails
Makhansingh Hospital And Ent Pvt Ltd.LudhianaDetails
Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Charitable Eye Hospital Trust Khanna BranchLudhianaDetails
Rani Eye HospitalLudhianaDetails
Ace HospitalLudhianaDetails
Dr Shamsher Singh Eye HospitalLudhianaDetails
Jeewan Jot HospitalLudhianaDetails
Khanna Nursing Home A Unit Of Khanna Multispecility Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.LudhianaDetails
Jain Multispeciality HospitalLudhianaDetails
Mittal Eye Care CentreLudhianaDetails
Ivy Health Life Science Pvt.Ltd.LudhianaDetails
Urocare Kidney Stone & Surgical CentreLudhianaDetails
Sidhu HospitalLudhianaDetails
Soni Eye Care CentreLudhianaDetails
Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Charitable Eye Hospital Trust Sohana Ludhiana BranchLudhianaDetails
Taneja HospitalLudhianaDetails
Sukhveen HospitalLudhianaDetails
Gupta HospitalLudhianaDetails
Karan Singla Surgical And Gerenal HospitalLudhianaDetails
Garg Hospital & Child Care CenterLudhianaDetails
Hans Maternity HomeLudhianaDetails
Mahal Multispeciality HospitalLudhianaDetails
Smt. Satya Devi Memorial Gupta HospitalMansaDetails
Dr Atma Ram Eye & General HospitalMansaDetails
Kulwant Nursing Home And Endoscopic Surgical CentreMansaDetails
Raikhy Nursing Home And Surgical CentreMansaDetails
Pardeep Eyecare CentreMansaDetails
Advance Eye Care CentreMansaDetails
Pankaj Nursing HomeMansaDetails
Domeli Hospital & Surgical CentreMansaDetails
Manav HospitalMansaDetails
Janak Nursing HomeMansaDetails
Virk Hospital And Superspeciality Dental CareMansaDetails
Bansal HopitalMogaDetails
Goyal Hospital. Advanced Trauma And Superspeciality CentreMogaDetails
Aastha HospitalMogaDetails
Suresh Nursing HomeMogaDetails
Rajindra HospitalMogaDetails
Sethi Children HospitalMogaDetails
Moga Medicity Multispeciality HospitalMogaDetails
Delhi Heart Institute & Multispeciality HospitalMogaDetails
Garg HospitalMogaDetails
Sham Nursing Home & Heart CentreMogaDetails
Amrit HospitalMogaDetails
Rajeev HospitalMogaDetails
Dr Gomti Parsad Thapar HospitalMogaDetails
Mittal Hospital And Heart CentreMogaDetails
G.S.Memorial Prem Hospital Pvt. Ltd MogaMogaDetails
Sood Hospital MogaMogaDetails
Gill Eye Hospital MogaMogaDetails
Dr Satya Pal Mittal HospitalMogaDetails
Dr Jatinder Kaurs Eye Care CentreMogaDetails
Sandhu Bone And Joint HospitalMogaDetails
Prabha HospitalMogaDetails
Garg HospitalMogaDetails
Jagdamba Eye Hospital BaghapuranaMogaDetails
Babe Ke Multispecialty HospitalMogaDetails
Aarogya Trauma & Life Care CentrePathankotDetails
Pathankot Kidney Hospital & Stone ClinicPathankotDetails
Skr Hospitals & Trauma Centre Pvt. Ltd.PathankotDetails
Sukh Sadan Hospital & Trauma Centre Pvt. Ltd.PathankotDetails
Raj HospitalPathankotDetails
Navchetan Mutlispeciality HospitalPathankotDetails
Mahajan Eye HospitalPathankotDetails
Swastik HospitalPathankotDetails
Ajay Heart Care & Super Speciality CentrePathankotDetails
Dr Kd Eye HospitalPathankotDetails
Max Care HospitalPathankotDetails
Pmc HospitalPathankotDetails
Chauhan Multispeciality & Trauma CentrePathankotDetails
Gian Sagar HospitalPatialaDetails
Dashmesh HospitalPatialaDetails
Guru Nanak Hospital RajpuraPatialaDetails
Neelam HospitalPatialaDetails
Longia Eye HospitalPatialaDetails
Simrita Nursing HomePatialaDetails
Aggarsain HospitalPatialaDetails
Medlink HealthcarePatialaDetails
Sadbhavna Medical & Heart InstitutePatialaDetails
Simran Ent CentrePatialaDetails
Patiala Heart InstitutePatialaDetails
Amar Hospital PatialaPatialaDetails
Janak Surgicare And Ankur Advanced Urology CentrePatialaDetails
Bhatia Hospital Neuro And MultispecialityPatialaDetails
Dr Manpreets Global Eye HospitalPatialaDetails
Dr Aniljit Child CarePatialaDetails
Chaman HospitalPatialaDetails
Rajan Clinic & HospitalPatialaDetails
Kakkar Eye HospitalPatialaDetails
Garg Eye HospitalPatialaDetails
Galaxy HospitalPatialaDetails
Phull Neuro & Multispeciality HospitalPatialaDetails
Bansal Eye Hospital & Laser CentrePatialaDetails
Sodhi Eye HospitalPatialaDetails
Prime Multispeciality HospitalPatialaDetails
Aggarwal Health Care And Eye HospitalPatialaDetails
Excel HealthcarePatialaDetails
Mehar HospitalPatialaDetails
Saronwala HospitalPatialaDetails
Sahara Multispeciality HospitalPatialaDetails
Dr G.S. Randhawa Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre PatialaPatialaDetails
Garg Mission HospitalPatialaDetails
Netra Prakash Eye CentrePatialaDetails
Sanjeevani Nursing HomePatialaDetails
Vardhman Mahaveer Health CarePatialaDetails
Guru Nanak Mehar Hans Eye HospitalPatialaDetails
Arora HospitalPatialaDetails
Drishti Advance Eye Care CentrePatialaDetails
Darshnidhi Health CarePatialaDetails
Kg Eye Care CentrePatialaDetails
Faqir Chand Roop Rai Memorial Nursing HomePatialaDetails
Ekjyot Eye HospitalPatialaDetails
Sawhney Hospital & Maternity HomePatialaDetails
Singla Hospital.PatialaDetails
Dr. Surjit Singh Super Specialty HospitalRupnagarDetails
Dasmesh Health Care HospitalRupnagarDetails
Preet HospitalRupnagarDetails
Bijendra Multispeciality HospitalRupnagarDetails
Pannu Eye HospitalRupnagarDetails
Sangha HospitalRupnagarDetails
Sharma Eye Hospital & Laser CentreRupnagarDetails
Parmar HospitalRupnagarDetails
Gurdev HospitalRupnagarDetails
Kumar HospitalRupnagarDetails
Mata Nanki Charitable HospitalRupnagarDetails
Sai HospitalRupnagarDetails
New Life HospitalRupnagarDetails
Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Multispeciality HospitalRupnagarDetails
Shri Krishna Netralaya And DantalayaRupnagarDetails
Swastik Arogya Nursing HomeRupnagarDetails
Kailash Multispeciality HospitalRupnagarDetails
Chaudhary HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Manjit Eye HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Rajeev Eye HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Kamboj Multi Speciality Hospital KhararS.A.S NagarDetails
Kaushal Hospital KhararS.A.S NagarDetails
Sohana Hospital A Multi Super Speciality HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Healthsure Multispeciality HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Indus International HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Sri Ram HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Sri Sukhmani Multispeciality HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Vcare HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Mehar HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Amcare HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
J P HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Trinity Hospital & Medical Research Institute.Unit Of Dr.Kaushal Arthroscopy&Spinal Endoscopy CentreS.A.S NagarDetails
Osmed Healthcare Multispeciality HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Dft Hospital & Dailysis CentreS.A.S NagarDetails
Indus HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Indus Super Speciality HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Am HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Cheema Medical ComplexS.A.S NagarDetails
Ace Heart & Vascular InstituteS.A.S NagarDetails
J P Eye HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Rahi Care DialysisS.A.S NagarDetails
Mayo Healthcare Super Speciality HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Surya Kidney CareS.A.S NagarDetails
Amar HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Behgal Institute Of It And Radiation Technology And Behgal HospitalS.A.S NagarDetails
Umeed Multispeciality HospitalSangrurDetails
Dr Paramjit Singh Eye Care CentreSangrurDetails
Mittal Eye CareSangrurDetails
Grewalz Health Care ClinicSangrurDetails
Ekjyot Eye HospitasSangrurDetails
Sibia Healthcare Pvt LtdSangrurDetails
Garchaz Orthopaedic And Dental CareSangrurDetails
Chandigarh Heart CentreSangrurDetails
Mittal Health CareSangrurDetails
Raikhy Nursing HomeSangrurDetails
Singla Surgical HospitalSangrurDetails
Hind HospitalSangrurDetails
Singla Multispeciality HospitalSangrurDetails
Hazrat Haleema Maternityand General HospitalSangrurDetails
Sharma Eye HospitalSangrurDetails
Prime HospitalSangrurDetails
Basant HospitalSangrurDetails
Dr Rajiv Singla HospitalSangrurDetails
Bhagwan Dass Arora Memorial HospitalSangrurDetails
Vishwas HospitalSangrurDetails
Vnayak HospitalSangrurDetails
Drishti Eye Care CentreShahid Bhagat Singh NagarDetails
Guru Nanak Mission HospitalShahid Bhagat Singh NagarDetails
Dyal Sood Heart Centre & Nutsing HomeShahid Bhagat Singh NagarDetails
Sandhu Eye HospitalShahid Bhagat Singh NagarDetails
Hope.HospitalShahid Bhagat Singh NagarDetails
Sarb HospitalShahid Bhagat Singh NagarDetails
Raja Daignostic Centre & Hospital Sbs NagarShahid Bhagat Singh NagarDetails
Ivy Healthcare Infrastructure Pvt LtdShahid Bhagat Singh NagarDetails
Dhawan HospitalShahid Bhagat Singh NagarDetails
Balvir HospitalShahid Bhagat Singh NagarDetails
Raj HospitalSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Immaculate Mission HospitalSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Patiala Eye And Maternity HospitalSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Usha Bansal Nursing Home Pvt LtdSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Sandhu HospitalSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Platinum Nursingh Home Pvt LtdSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Muktsar Medicity HospitalSri Muktsar SahibDetails
New Delhi Hospital & Nursing HomeSri Muktsar SahibDetails
New Shyam Narayan HospitalSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Wadhwa Ortho HospitalSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Gawri Nursing HomeSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Aashirwad HospitalSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Anand HospitalSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Ludhiana Children Hospital & Nursing HomeSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Mata Santoshi Hospital & Dental Implant CenterSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Kamboj Hospital GidderbahaSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Manav Sewa Hospital And Sethi Child Care Hospital MaloutSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Dr R P Singh HospitalSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Ekjyot Eye HospitalSri Muktsar SahibDetails
Gupta Hospital ChabhalTarn TaranDetails
Dhawan Nursing HomeTarn TaranDetails
Simran HospitalTarn TaranDetails
Anand Heart & Multispeciality HospitalTarn TaranDetails
Sandhu HospitalTarn TaranDetails
Rana HospitalTarn TaranDetails
Sandhu HospitalTarn TaranDetails
Dashmesh HospitalTarn TaranDetails
Sartaj And Balraj HospitalTarn TaranDetails
Jeewandeep HospitalTarn TaranDetails
Sandhu Surgical Maternity And Multi Speciality HospitalTarn TaranDetails
Khahra HospitalTarn TaranDetails
Baba Bidhi Chand Multispeciality HospitalTarn TaranDetails
Dukh Niwaran Mission HospitalTarn TaranDetails

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