Postponement of retirement benefits & pension due to non grant of financial upgradation under ACP/MACP scheme

Postponement of retirement benefits and pension under ACP/MACP scheme

Office of the
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax,
Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, Hyderabad,
10th Floor, Income Tax Towers, A C Guards, Hyderabad – 500 004.
Tel. No. 040 – 23425474, 23241427 Fax:040 23240403

F. No. Pr. CCIT/AP&TS/MACP Corr/2020

Date: 18.09.2020


It is noticed by this office that in settlement of retirement benefits and pension during the retirement of the officials or family pension/death benefits, the process is being delayed due to non submission of requisitions for grant of financial up gradation under Assured Career Progression Scheme (ACP)/ Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACP) in time by the field offices.

2. To avoid such delay caused at the time of settlement of benefits, and to stream line the process of grant of financial up gradation under ACP/MACP scheme, all the Heads of Offices are hereby requested to direct the DDOs to verify the service registers of all the officials of their charge and submit the duly signed proforma in those cases where the officials are falling due for such financial up gradations in next 06 months (i.e., up to 31.12.2020) before 15.10.2020.

3. The eligibility of financial up gradation under MACP scheme is as under:

a. 1st MACP: Completion of 10 years of service in same Grade Pay/ Pay level.
b. 2nd MACP : Completion of 20 years of service with only one promotion / 1st MACP or completion of 10 yrs of regular service in the same Grade Pay/Pay level.
c. 3rd MACP : Completion of 30 yrs or service with only two promotions/ 2nd MACP or completion of 10 yrs or regular service in the same Grade Pay / Pay level.

Dy. Commissioner of Income Tax (HQrs)(Admn)
O/O Pr. CCIT, AP & TS, Hyderabad

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