Procedure on Submission of certificates by retiring Armed Forces Personnel/Defence Civilian – Circular No. 632

Procedure on Submission of certificates by retiring Armed Forces Personnel/Defence Civilian – Circular No. 632

Circular No. 632

Office of the Principal CDA (Pension)
Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad – 211014

Dated: 30.03.2020


The O I/C
AHQ (AGs Branch)/ROs/ PAOs and HODs

Subject: Simplification of pension payment procedure- Submission of certificates by retiring Armed Forces Personnel/Defence Civilian along with pension papers.

Reference:- This office Circular No. 546 dated 10.09.2015, No. 588 dated 20.10.2017, No. 595 dated 25.01.2018 & No. 606 dated 24.09.2018.


Reference is invited to this office circular No. 546 dated 10.09.2015 (GoI, MOD Letter No. 3(01)/2015-D(Pen/Pol) dated 25.08.2015/ Circular no. 132 dated 27.01.2015 (GOI, Min of PPG&P, Deptt. of P&PW OM No. 1/27/2011-P&PW(E) dated 07.05.2014). The orders promulgated above, inter alia provide that the pensioner would no longer be required to visit the pension disbursing agency to activate the first payment of pension. The first payment will be credited in his account on the basis of undertaking/status of non-re-employment/re-employment after retirement on his retirement submitted by Service HQ/RO concerned on his retirement.

2. In pursuance of the decision to impose a complete lock-down in view of the threat posed by the spread of COVID-19, the AHQ/Record Offices/HOOs (for defence civilians) are requested to transmit the following documents to the concerned Pension Disbursement Agencies in soft copies (scanned copies in pdf) on the dedicated e-mail ID of the respective CPPC/DPDO/Treasury Offices (as available on the website of this office).

(i)Descriptive Roll

(ii)Undertaking regarding recovery of overpayment,

(iii)Re-employment/Non-re-employment certificate.

(iv) A copy of cancelled cheque in case pensioner opts to draw Pension from agencies other than bank viz Defence Pension Disbursing Office/Treasury Office.

3. The above instructions will apply mutatis mutandis in cases of Commissioned Officers except that the undertaking and certificate will be submitted by the officer directly to the bank through his email ID/mobile number notified in the PPO. The descriptive roll will be forwarded electronically by PCDA(P) to the bank alongwith the PPO.

4. However, where no discharge occurs due to various reasons (death, promotion, extension etc.), the same will be intimated immediately by AHQ/ RO/ HOO to the Pension Sanctioning Authority and the PDA.

5. Therefore, it is requested to ensure the prompt and timely submission of required soft pdf copies of above mentioned documents and PPO to the dedicated e-mail ID of the respective CPPC, so that the first payment of pension may be credited in the bank account of the individual without his physical presence. Pension disbursing authorities have been requested to ensure that the pensionary benefits as given in the PPO are not held up for want of documents. Where required PDAs may make the effort to contact the pensioner through his email or mobile number notified in the PPO.

6. This measure has been necessitated to avoid inconvenience to defence pensioners in view of the prevalent circumstances and will be applicable till further orders.

7. All other instructions will remain unchanged.

8. This Circular has been uploaded on this office website for dissemination to all concerned.

No. Gts/Tech/0148/LX
Dated: 30.03.2020

(Sushil Kumar Singh)
Addl.CDA (Pensions)

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