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CPAO/IT&Tech/Life Certificate/2 Vol-V/2019-2004/146



Submission of ‘Life Certificate’

  It has been observed that Authorized Banks are not adhering to the extant rules regarding submission of life certificate issued vide OM No. CPAO/Tech/Life Certificate/ 2014-15/31-72 dated-30.01.2015 and subsequent OM No. MO/Tech/We Certificate/ 2 Vol-V/2017-18/178 dated-08.01.2018, OM No. CPAO/Tech/Life Certificate/ 2 Vol-V/2017-18/147 dated-23.10.2018 and OM No. CPAO/Tech/Life Certificate/ 2 Vol-V/2017-18/64 dated 26.07.2019 (Copies Enclosed).

2. This office is receiving number of grievances from pensioners that Banks are insisting on submission of life certificate online and not accepting the life certificate submitted in physical form.

3. It is reiterated that at present, the following three options are available with pensioner/ family pensioner to authenticate his/her life:

I. By presenting himself/herself to the authorised bank officer to record the life certificate,

II. According to Para 15.2 of the “Scheme for Payment of pension to Central Civil Pensioner” which states that in case a pensioner is unable to obtain a life certificate from an authorised Bank officer on account of serious illness/ incapacitation etc., an intimation to this effect supported by a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner about his inability to appear in person may he sent to officer-in-charge of the paying branch so that the latter may nominate an officer to visit the pensioner at his/her residence/hospital for the purpose of recording the life certificate”. Further, vide Correction Slip No. 14 of “Scheme for payment of pension to Central Government Civil Pensioners by Authorized Banks” (Copy Enclosed), a pensioner who produces a life certificate in the prescribed form in Anncxure-VII signed by any person specified in the said Correction Slip, is exempted from personal appearance.

III. Moreover, as a part of Prime Minister’s Mission “Digital India” and with the development of software application by Deptt. of Information Technology circulated as per Correction Slip No. 22 to the “Scheme for payment of pension to Central Government Civil Pensioners by Authorized Banks” (Copy Enclosed) the pensioner can prove their existence though Aadhaar based authentication of Life Certificate.

4. All Heads of CPPCs/Government Business Departments are requested to direct concerned officials of Bank branches to strictly adhere to the provisions mentioned above and accept the life certificate physically or electronically from the pensioners.

This issue with the approval of Chief Controller (Pensions).

(Md.Shahid Kamal Ansari)
(Dy.Controller of Accounts)
Ph No:011-26103074

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