Relaxation and extension of timelines for recording of PAR for the year 2018-19 – DOPT

Relaxation and extension of timelines for recording of PAR for the year 2018-19 – DOPT

F. No. 11059/01/2019-AIS-III
Ministry of Personnel, PG and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

North Block, New Delhi-110001
Dated, the 26th April 2019

The Chief Secretaries of States / UTs

Subject: Relaxation and extension of timelines for recording of PAR for the year 2018-19 electronically in respect of AIS officers on account of their engagement on duty in connection with the ongoing General Elections – reg.

I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and state that due to ongoing General Elections to the Lok Sabha, a large number of AIS officers are engaged on duty for conduct of the said elections. It is understood there would be practical difficulties in recording of PAR online as per the target dates prescribed under AIS (PAR) Rules, 2007, through SPARROW platform, for officers engaged for election duty.

2. Accordingly, the matter has been examined in this Department and it has
been decided with the approval of competent authority to relax Rule 4A(1) of AIS (PAR) Rules, 2007, as a one-time measure to the extent that the target dates prescribed for online generation, filing up of self-appraisal, reporting, reviewing and acceptance of PAR for the year 2018-19 through SPARROW portal for all levels of AIS officers be modified as per Annexure herewith.

3. Further, instructions for cases where the reporting / reviewing / accepting
authority demits office or retires before the due date as amended herewith shall be issued separately.

Encl: as stated.

(Jyotsna Gupta)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Tele: 011-23094714


[Reference F. No. 11059/01/2019-AIS-III dated 26th April,2019]

Revised timelines for recording PAR at all stages for all level of AIS officers

(for the year 2018-19)

Activity Cut-off dates
Submission of Self Appraisal to the Reporting officer by the officer reported upon 30th June
Appraisal by reporting authority 31st July
Appraisal by reviewing authority 31St August
Appraisal by accepting authority 30th September
Disclosure to the officer reported upon 30th September
Comments of the officer reported upon, if any, on disclosure of PAR 15th October
Forwarding of comments of the officer reported upon to the reviewing and the reporting
authority by the accepting authority, in case the officer reported upon makes comments
31St October
Comments of reporting authority 15th November
Comments of reviewing authority 30th November
Comments of accepting authority/PAR to be finalized anddisclosed to him 11th December
Representation to the Referral Board by the officer reported upon 31st December
Forwarding of representation to the Referral Board along with the comments of reporting
authority/reviewing authority and accepting authority
31St January
Finalization by Referral Board if the officer reported uponrepresents against the decision of the Accepting Authority. 28thFebruary
Disclosure to the officer reported upon 15th March
End of entire PAR Process 31St March

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