Correction of wrong PDA details & Submission of pension claims – PCDA Circular No 614

Correction of wrong PDA details & Submission of pension claims – PCDA Circular No 614

Office of the Pr.Controller of Defence Accounts(Pensions)
Draupadi ghat, Allahabad – 211014

Circular No.614

No. Gts./Tech/0148-LVIII
Dated: 31.12.2018

The OI/C

Sub: Regarding correction of wrong PDA details and Submission of pension claims from Records Office to PCDA (P), Allahabad.


Of late, it has been observed from complaints that PDA details (viz. PDA name/address, Account Number etc.) are not correct in some of the e-PPOs issued by this office. During the analysis of the cases, it has been decided by the competent authority that such e-PPO will be cancelled invariably. On receipt of e-PPO, if RO notices that the PDA details are incorrectly notified, then, the same may not be transmitted to PDA and the discrepancy may be brought to the notice of this office for cancellation of the said e-PPO and issuance of a fresh e-PPO with correct PDA details. A guideline to PDA will also be printed on corrigendum e-PPO to return the Descriptive Roll to Record Office, if the same has already been received by them. On receipt of ePPO, if RO notices that the mistake(s) happened on their part in providing data of the PDA details in LPC-cum-Data Sheet, a corrigendum data sheet for cancellation of the ePPO alogwith a fresh claim for issue of a correct ePPO will be initiated by RO simultaneously. On receipt of the claim, a corrigendum ePPO for cancellation of the said ePPO and a fresh e-PPO, with correct PDA details, will be issued by PCDA (P). Further, the Record Office will forward the corrected ePPO to PDA concerned alongwith Descriptive Roll for further necessary action regarding payment of pension by PDA.

2. The e-PPOs are being generated and transmitted electronically duly digitally signed, which has reduced time factor significantly in processing the pension claims (if all required certificates/documents are submitted with claim and found correct). Presently, the pension claims are being received in this office even before 6 to 9 months prior to the date of discharge as per the processing time factored in the earlier method of generation and transmission of paper PPOs. In the changed scenario, the e-PPOs are being issued in most of the cases 5 to 8 months prior to the date of commencement of pension. Further, in many cases it requires cancellation or issue of corrigendum PPO due to contingencies arising between date of issue of PPO and date of discharge. Such cancellation and corrigendum of PPOs are causing avoidable delay in issuance of other PPOs. In the changed circumstances, it has been viewed that 3 months time would be adequate for finalisation of pension claim in r/o JCOs/ORs of Army. Therefore, Record Offices are requested to submit the pension claims not before 3 months prior to the date of discharge of the individual. The cases received more than 3 months before the date of discharge will not be entertained after March 2019 and returned to Record Office concerned.

This Circular is uploaded on this office website www.pcdapension.nic. in.

(Sushil Kumar Singh)
Jt.CDA (P)

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