Regarding Cadre Review of Barrack and Stores Cadre

Regarding Cadre Review of Barrack and Stores Cadre

Tele: 23019018

Engineer-in-Chief’s Branch
Military Engineering Services
Directorate General (Personal)
Kashmir House, Rajaji Marg
New Delhi-110011

76002/1st CR/ BS cadre/CSCC

08 Oct 2018

ADG( Project),C/o HQ Coast Guard Region (East)
ADG (NEI), C/o HQ CCE(Army), Guwahati
ADG (North), C/o CWE (AF), Jammu

Chief Engineer
HQ Southern Command
HQ Eastern Command
HQ Western Command
HQ Central Command
HQ Northern Command
HQ South Western Command


1.This office letter No. 76002/1st CR/ BS Cadre/CSCC dated 19 Sep 2018 is hereby cancelled.

2. A copy of MoD ID letter No. 23(1)/2017/D(Wks-lI) dated 17 Sep 2018 is forwarded herewith for taking necessary action on direction of MoD as contained there in.

3. This has approval of DG (Pers).

Encl: As above

(SP Singh, IDSE)
Dir (Pers)/CSCC
for E-in-C


Ministry of Defence

Subject: Cadre Review of Barrack and Stores Cadre- reg

Reference is invited to MoD letter no. 76002/ 1st CR/BS Cadre/CSCC/23(1)/2017/D(W-II) dated 15.12.2017 and letter dated 10.05.2018.

2. During Inter Ministerial consultation regarding the Post of Joint DG (Resources), DoPT have noted some procedural and other discrepancies and stated as under :-

(i) The proposal of BS Cadre does not specifically mention the cadre as organised Group ‘A’ Cadre. However, the proposal has been finalized in a manner that it contains attributes of organised Group ‘A’ service such as DR element at JTS to the extent of 50%, all standard grade of Group ‘A’ Service upto SAG, making all the posts above JTS promotional, provision of 30% NFSG and mention of NFU, As such, the proposal tantamount to formation of an Organised Group ‘A’ service.

(ii) As per procedural requirements, for formation of a Service as Group `A’ Cadre/Group ‘A’ Service/Organised Service, the cadre review guidelines issued by the DoPT on 14/12/2010 are applicable. Proposals for formation of a Service as Group ‘A’ Cadre/Group ‘A’ Service/Organised Services are to be placed before the Cadre Review Committee (CRC) headed by Cabinet Secretary with Secretary (Personnel), Secretary (Expenditure), Secretary (Administrative Department) and the Senior Most Member of the service concerned as Members. Based on the recommendations of CRC, approval of MoS (PP) and Finance Minister is obtained and subsequently the proposal is submitted for approval of the cabinet. The above procedure has not been completed in the Cadre Review of Barracks and Store Cadre and the sanction letter has been issued only on the basis of approval of Deptt. of Expenditure.

(iii) The Cadre Review for Barrack and Stores cadre may also have serious implication on the concept of organized Group ‘A’ Service/ Group `A’ Service/ NFU/NFG etc. and various court cases on the matter of organized status/NFU/extension of 30% NFSG etc.

(iv) Accordingly, MoD’s letter dated 15/12/2017 needs to be immediately withdrawn/kept on hold wrt Group ‘A’ cadre till the approval of the competent authority (i.e Cabinet) on the Cadre Review/formation of Group ‘A’ Cadre/Group ‘A’ service/organized status. The procedure as per Cadre Review guidelines issued by the DoPT on 14/12/2010 needs to be followed and proposal submitted to DoPT along with all necessary details¬†However, if it is intended to retain the cadre as Group ‘B’/Group ‘C’ and not as Group ‘A’, the proposal may be revisited accordingly in consultation with DoE and while revisiting the provisions of DR element at HS, 30 % NFSG, NFU etc. which are characteristic/attributes of organized Group ‘A’ service may be withdrawn.

3. E-in-C’s Branch is requested to review the Cadre Review proposal and resubmit the file in the light of DoPT instructions whether they intend to retain the cadre as Group ‘B’/ Group ‘C’ or intend to create an Organised Group ‘A’ service. Based on the inputs, the proposal will be resubmitted to DoE if it is decided to retain the Cadre as Group ‘B’/Group ‘C’ or will be taken up with DoPT as per the guidelines if the intention is to create an Organised Gr ‘A’ Service.

4. Further, E-in-C’s Branch is requested to keep the Pay and Allowances of Barrack and Stores Cadre (BSO and above) in abeyance in light of the DoPT instructions till finalization of the case and in case pay fixation of the posts (BSO and above) have been carried out immediate steps may be taken to withdraw the same.

5. This issues with the approval of competent authority.

(Vishnu Dutta Jha)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Ph No. 23016237

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