Re-engagement of Retired Gazetted Officers in Exigencies of Services

Re-engagement of Retired Gazetted Officers in Exigencies of Services


No. 2018/Trans Cell/S&T/Contractual Staff

Dated: 25.10.2018

The General Manager, All Indian Railways/PUs, NF(Con), CORE
The DG/RDSO/Lucknow, DG/NAIR/Vadodara

Sub: Re-engagement of Retired Gazetted Officers in Exigencies of Services.

Ref: (1) PCPO/CR’s letter no. P/HQ/R/952 dated 21.08.2018.
(2) Board’s letter No. E(NG)-II/2007/RC-4/CORE/1 dated 16.10.17.

Keeping in view the difficulties being experienced by Zonal Railways due to vacant posts of Gazette Officers and with reference to letter at (1) above, Board (MS, FC & CRB) have approved re-engagement of retired officers in Junior Scale (only) as consultant in exigencies of the services against the vacant posts, with following conditions:

  1. General Managers are empowered to re-engage the retired officers.
  2. The Terms of Reference (ToR) of the work to be assigned shall be prepared and approved by GM and same shall be advertised as part of the application.
  3. Railway shall give publicity to such re-engagement, by publishing such requirements on Railway website with the eligibility criteria & application form.
  4. Suitability/Competency of the retired officer shall be adjudged before such re-engagement by a committee of three PHODs/CHODs/SAG as appointed by GM.
  5. While re-engaging such officers, medical fitness of the appropriate category shall be obtained from the designated authorities as per existing practices.
  6. The period of engagement shall be initially for one year and further extendable as per requirement.
  7. Maximum age limit of the re-engagement shall be 65 years.
  8. The engagement of consultant shall not be considered as a case of re-employment.
  9. 12 days leave in a calendar year on pro-rata basis is admissible.
  10. Re-engaged officer shall not be entitled for requisites such as HRA, CCA, Transport Allowance, Residential accommodation, etc. However, when required to travel in connection with official work, TA/DA admissible to regular employee working in the same Grade will be admissible.
  11. The designation shall be consultant followed by (trade name) i.e Officer appointed against the post of ADEN may be designated as Consultant (Engg.)
  12. Re-engaged officer shall be given the responsibilities like inspections, supervision, drawings, etc.
  13. Re-engaged officer shall not be made in charge of the unit like Branch Officer in the Division or independent in charge in the Construction unit.
  14. Re-engaged officer shall not be given the financial and D&AR powers and shall not be authorized to issue any safety certificate.
  15. The consultant shall not divulge any information gathered by him/her during the period of assignment related to the organization to anyone who is not authorized to know/have the same.
  16. Re-engaged officer shall be discharged immediately on joining of selected candidate(s) from UPSC or departmental selection or as per the recommendation of PHOD/CHOD concerned.
  17. Monthly remuneration of a retired officers being re-engaged be determined by reducing Pension-from his/her last pay drawn (i.e. Basic Pay +DA).
  18. This scheme is experimental in nature and is valid for two years from the date of issue of the letter.

This issues with the concurrence of Associate Finance of Transformation Cell of Railway Board.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt and ensure compliance.

(Umesh Balonda)
Executive Director/S&T
Transformation Cell

No. 2018/Trans Cell/S&T/Contractual Staff

  1. PFAs, All Indian Railways & Production Units
  2. The ADAI (Railways), New Delhi
  3. The Director of Audit, All Indian Railways

Copy: As per list attached.

(Sanjeeb Kumar)
Executive Director Accounts
Transformation Cell

Source: Confederation

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