3rd meeting of the Committee about Incentive Bonus and Bonus Factor -NFIR

3rd meeting of the Committee about Incentive Bonus and Bonus Factor -NFIR

No. I/1 1/Part I

Dated: 26/09/2018

The General Secretaries of Affiliated Unions of NFIR Dear Brother,

Sub: Need for revision of hourly rate of Incentive Bonus and Bonus Factor of Workshops/Production Units following implementation of 7th CPC – 3rd meeting of the Committee held on 26/09/2018.


The demand of NFIR vide PNM Item No. 12/2017 was discussed in the Board PNM meeting held on 13th /14th November, 2017. The NFIR’ s Agenda provides detailed background of Incentive Bonus rates from time to time and the need for upward revision of the rates in the wake of implementation of 7th CPC Pay Matrices for Workshops and PU employees on Indian Railways.

3rd Meeting of Committee for recommendation of hourly rates of incentive bonus and bonus factors of Workshops/PUs has been held this day 26th September, 2018 at Rail Bhavan, New Delhi. GS/NFIR assisted by Shri Gobinath SSE/ICF, Perambur have participated in the meeting. During discussion, NFIR has reiterated its point of view demanding revision of rates in accordance with the formula adopted in 1999 and confirmed by the Railway Board to the Ministry of Finance on 19th July, 2005. NFIR also expressed its strong resentment over abnormal delay in finalizing revision of rates and equally upward revision of Incentive Allowance to SSEs to 30% of Pay as the SSEs are presently paid the amount very less in comparison with other lower pay level staff.

After lengthy discussion, the Official Side of Railway Board responded that a draft proposal will be provided to the Staff Side soon i.e. in a fortnight and thereafter another round of discussion may be held to finalize the rates duly taking into account the points brought out by NFIR.

The above is for information of affiliated Unions. A copy of the minutes of second meeting of the Committee held on 04th July, 2018 is also enclosed.

Yours fraternally
(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

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