6th Pay Commission Karnataka Revised House Rent Allowance

6th Pay Commission Karnataka Revised House Rent Allowance

The classification of cities and other places for the purpose of House Rent Allowance as per the existing orders shall continue to be in force until further orders. However, the different rates of HRA admissible in the revised pay scale with effect from 1st April 2018 are as indicated in column (3) of the table below. Orders contained in Column (3) of the table in para (1) of Government Order No.FD 6 SRP 2015 dated: 04.07.2015 shall stand modified to this extent :-



Rate of HRA




25 lakh and above


24% of basic pay

5 lakh and above but less than 25 lakh


16% of basic pay

Less than 5 lakh


8% of basic pay

All other conditions stipulated in Government Order No.FD 18 SRP 2012 dated: 19.10.2012 for grant of House Rent Allowance shall continue to apply.

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