HRA-CCA Circular

HRA-CCA Circular 



Dated:August 7, 2015

Designated Officers of Member Banks who are parties to Bipartite Settlement

Dear Sir/Madam,

Payment of House Rent Allowance (HRA) and City Compensatory Allowance (CCA) to employees per Census 2011

Payment of HRA and CCA to bank employees, who are parties to the Bipartite Settlement, is made on the basis of classification of areas depending upon the population of a place. For the purpose of payment of HRA and CCA latest available official figures of the All India Census are taken into account. The official figures as per the All India Census 2011 has since been published by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India.

2.In terms of the official Census 2011 figures, places have been upgraded from a lower area to a higher area. A detailed list of such places is enclosed marked Annexure I. In view of the fact that HRA of both Officers and Workmen and CCA for officers in banks are paid on the basis of classification of areas according to population, employees working in branches situated in places which are upgraded per Census 2011 are eligible to be paid higher rate of HRA and/or higher/lower CCA. This shall be effective from 1st March 2011. Banks, in view of the above, may take necessary steps to recalculate HRA/CCA in places which are upgraded and make payment of arrears, wherever applicable.

3.In Annexure II to this circular, a detailed list of places falling under the following categories is furnished :

(1)     Major “A” Class Cities / Places with population of more than 45 lakhs

(2)     Places with population of over 12 lakhs and below 45 lakhs

(3)     Places with population of over 5 lakhs and below 12 lakhs

(4)     Places with population below 5 lakhs

4.For the convenience of the member banks, both in Annexure I and Annexure II, we have listed Municipalities, Municipal Corporations, Census Towns, Outgrowths etc., which constitute an Urban Agglomeration per Census 2011, wherever applicable.

5.Banks are advised to go through Annexure II for places which might have got downgraded as per Census 2011 and make appropriate adjustments in HRA/CCA payable to employees in such places and effect recoveries of over payments, if any, w.e.f. l’ March, 2011.

Yours faithfully,
K S Chauhan
Sr.Vice President -HR&IR


c.c.    Designated Officers of all other Member Banks


BBMP     – Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike

GVMC    – Greater Vishakhapatnam Municipal Corporation

C.B.         – Cantonment Board/Cantonment

C.M.C     – City Municipal Council

E.O.        – Estate Office

G.P.         – Gram Panchayat

I.N.A.       – Industrial Notified Area

I.T.S        – Industrial Townshi

M             – Municipality

M.B.        – Municipal Board

M.C.        – Municipal Committee

M.CI.       – Municipal Council

M.Corp.    – Municipal Corporation/Corporation

N.A.          – Notified Area

N.A.C.       – Notified Area Committee/ Notified Area Council

N.P.           – Nagar Panchayat

N.T.         – Notified Town

N.T.A.      – Notified Town Area

S.T.C.       – Small town Committee

T.C.          – Town Committee/Town Area Committee

T.M.C.      – Town Municipal Council

T.P.          – Town Panchayat

T.S.          – Township

C.T.          – Census Town

U.A.         – Urban Agglomeration

O.G.         – Out Growth

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