Forwarding of LPC-Cum-Data Sheet in respect of JCO/ORs for Service/ Invalided out cases.

Forwarding of LPC-Cum-Data Sheet in respect of JCO/ORs for Service/ Invalided out cases.


Circular No. 564

Dated : 02.08.2016

The OI/C

Subject: Forwarding of LPC-Cum-Data Sheet in respect of JCO/ORs for Service/ Invalided out cases.

Reference: This office Circular No. 530 dated 05.12.2014.

Kindly refer to this office above cited Circular under which LPC-Cum-Data Sheet along with instructions for filling of Data Sheets for sanction of service pension/disability pension have been circulated.

2. Pension claim format has now been simplified and circulated to all Record Offices vide IHQ of MoD (Army), AG’s Branch letter A/20037/Pensions/MP 8( I of R) (a) dated 18.12.2015. The formats of revised pension claim documents is also enclosed herewith which is used in lieu of IAFY-1948A. Accordingly, LPC-Cum-Data Sheet has also been modified for Service/Invalided out cases and revised format bearing DS No. PHP-001/2016 is enclosed herewith for necessary action at your end.

3. The method of filling of new/modified columns is also enclosed herewith. Method for filling of all other columns of LPC-Cum-Data Sheet will remain unchanged. It is requested that Service/Disability Pension claim may be initiated on revised LPC-Cum-Data Sheet and on revised IAFA-1948A format. It is hereby stated that fresh PPO issued by Pension Sanctioning Authorities should bear Aadhaar Number, PAN Number, Mobile Number and e-mail ID of individual as instructed vide Ministry of Defence, Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare D(Pension/Policy) ID No. 14(02)/2014/D(Pen/Pol) dated 12.05.2016.

4. The following documents will continue to be attached along with above revised claim format:-

(i) RMB/IMB Proceedings
(ii) Adjudication documents as per existing procedure (including Court of Inquiry proceedings and other related with disability as applicable as per existing procedure)

5. There is no change in the pension claim documents being submitted to other agencies, like ECHS,AGIF,PAO (OR) & PDA however, the Descriptive Roll presently in use has been merged with above mentioned revised pension claim documents.

6. All fresh claims for grant of service pension should be submitted only on revised LPC-cum Data Sheet w.e.f 01.11.2016. After 01.11.2016, no fresh case will be entertained on old LPC-Cum-Data Sheet.

7. A separate communication will follow for submission of family pension claims. The Orders/Circulars/Formats etc. in this connection are also available on the website of this Office i.e.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Dated 02.08.2016

(Nasim Ullah)

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