DA from July 2014 may touch 107%

DA from July 2014 may touch 107%

Expected DA from July 14 – Looks like the curiosity surrounding the expected DA is fast receding..!

One of the possible reasons for the dampening interest could be the fact that unlike last time, there is not going to be a DA hike. Although it is very well known that the hike is based on price rise and inflation, it probably feels to them as if something was lost.

This time there is no double-digit increase. It is only going to be a single-digit hike.

At the most, one can expect an increase of 7%. That too is not for sure. All that depends on the soon to be announced AICPIN points for balance months.

After announcing the second additional DA for the year 2014, there are only two instalments left. With the instalments of January 2015 and July 2015, the 6th CPC comes to a close.

The next additional DA will be based on the 7th CPC.

Additional Dearness Allowance formula could be changed in the 7th CPC. They could announce a new Base Year. There could also be a change in the 115.76 yardstick. Nothing can be said for certain this time.

There is already a proposal to change the Labour Bureau Base Year from ‘CPI-IW 2001=100’ to ‘CPI-IW 2015 =100’. The current series of CPI-IW with base 2001=100 was constructed on the basis of employment data in seven sectors namely, Registered Factories, Mining, Plantations, Ports & Docks, Public Motor Transport, Electricity Generation & Distribution Establishments and Railways sector. The current series comprises of a basket of about 370 items and 289 price collection markets spread across 78 centres of the country.

The new series of CPI-IW will cover 7 sectors and 88 cities in 27 states have been selected for the new recommendation of CPI-IW (2015-100). It is worth mentioning that a special Standing Tripartite Committee (STC) under the chaired by Prof. G.K. Chadda has been created in this regard.

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