Fixation of pay on direct recruitment by UPSC

Fixation of pay on direct recruitment by UPSC

10 A, S. K. BOSE ROAD, KOLKATA-700001

No. P/0/1/Circular                                                                                 Dt: 25-10-2013

1.    The Secretary, OFB Ko1kata
2.    The Sr. GM/GM, All the Ord. & Ord. Equipment Fys.(As per standard list)
3.    DGQA, New Delhi
4.    All the QAE formations (As per standard list)
5.    All the CFA(Fys) (As per standard list)

Subject :    Fixation of pay on direct recruitment by UPSC.

The issue regarding pay fixation in respect of the officers who were directly appointed through UPSC on or after 1-1-2006 and are in receipt of less pay than what they were actually drawing in their earlier department was under correspondence with the CGDA Office. However, clarification in this regard has since been received and it has been confirmed that such cases are to be treated as per provisions of FR22B(I) subject to fulfilment of the conditions inherent in FR-22B(l).

Since the pay fixation cases of those officers who have joined their respective offices on or after 1-1-2006 with due acceptance of technical resignation in previous Govt. Service and whose initial pay fixation has been done otherwise, need to be examined in the light of above clarification, it is requested to please forward the pay fixation proposals accordingly alongwith service books and supported documents for necessary action at this end.

JCA(Fys) has seen.


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