JCM III meeting outcome of OFB

JCM III meeting outcome of OFB

INDWF/JCM III meeting/2013                                                            06.06.2013

All Affiliated Unions of INDWF of
Ordnance Factories.

          13th Ordinary meeting of OFB JCM III Level council (11th term) held on 6th and 7th June 2013.  Preliminary and review of points were discussed in the meeting held on 06.06.2013 chaired by Sr.DDG/HRD.

          The important issues were raised by the Staff side in the meeting and on the issues raised; some of the issues were replied by the official side in the meeting.  In the main meeting to be held on 07.06.2013, Chairman  & DGOF will be presiding the meeting with Board members.
            Decisions given by the official side are given below:

     Granting of ACP/MACP – I, II and III to Labourers, erstwhile Group ‘D’ and who became Tradesmen later.  They will be considered for ACP I, II and III by ignoring the ACP granted prior to 01.01.2006 and a conscious decision will be taken within 10 days.  The instructions on this issue will be issued to LAOs to grant the financial up gradations as per their eligibility – minimum Rs.2800 Grade Pay and maximum Rs.4200/- Grade Pay.

2.    Wage package is now being done centrally at RFI; Ichapore decision will be taken with the approval of PC of Fys to have at HQrs.

3.   Granting of 2 Hours Short leave (with Pay) to IEs as per M of D orders will be implemented by issuing necessary orders within 10 days or at least before next Pay day by PC of A Fys.

4.    The demands for fixation of Revised pay for HS I w.e.f. 01.01.2006 on the Pre-Revised Pay of Rs.4500-7000 for those who were placed in HS I on account of      Re-structuring of Industrial cadre.  The issue was agreed to       re-examine by PC of A Fys.

5.    Retired/Retiring employees drawing Rs.4600/- Grade Pay on account of               3rd MACP will be restricted to Rs.4200/- till final decision is received from Ministry of Finance, Dept of Expenditure.  If the proposal was agreed, all will be granted Rs.4600/- Grade Pay for 3rd MACP and benefit will be revised.

OF CHANDA: the issues related to grant of TA/DA, Pay Fixation, Medical bills etc. Delayed and denied by LAOs will be immediately sorted out.

OF BHUSAWAL: No of references were received from GM, OF Bhusawal on the Accounts related issues which will be sorted out.

HVF, Avadi: All Accounts related matters will be settled by visiting personally by JCDA and Director/IR to HVF Avadi and will be settled.

Fixation of Initial pay for Fireman Rs.5880 + 1900 instead of Rs.5830 + 1900 will be examined for all Factories

          Children studying in Ankur Vidyalaya in LKG & UKG at OF Medak are denied CEA, this will be examined and granted the benefit of re-imbursement of expenses as per Government orders on the subject.

7.    LTC:
         NGOs drawing Rs.4200/- Grade Pay being Group ‘B’ Non-Gazetted are entitled to avail Air Travel from the nearest Airport while on LTC Tour but whereas Industrial Employees drawing Rs.4200/- are denied being Group ‘C’.  This was agreed to re-consider and make Industrial Employees drawing Rs.4200/- as         Group ‘B’ and allow Air Travel from nearest Airport on LTC.  On being considered as Group ‘B’ for Industrial Employees, they will become eligible to contribute Rs.60/- for CGIES (Group Insurance).

             A.K.Singh Committee report on incentive scheme submitted during 2003 was not considered as feasible by M of D which was an additional scheme to Piecework.  Due to this the Piece Work revision proposal is pending with M of D.  Federations were agreed to withdraw the A.K.Singh Committee report so that Piece Work revision proposal can be processed and implemented at the earliest.

9.    ORDNANCE FACTORIES RECRUITMENT BOARD             A/IR – DDG               Upto 2013-14, around 23000 posts have been sanctioned for Recruitment in Ordnance Factories and as per the feedback received around 12000 persons have joined already.  Recruitment process is in various stages for 10,000 to 11,000 posts.  Some Factories not yet advertised vacancies; some of them are under the investigation due to some complaints.  In the recent Head of Departments (HOD) meetings (GMs Conference) this was discussed with Secretary DDP, M of D and Secretary agreed for Centralised Recruitment.  So the Ordnance Factories Recruitment Board will be approved soon to recruit all Group ‘C’ Posts.  For Chargeman DR, NADP Ambajhari will take the responsibility for recruitment.
10. RECRUITMENT IN NIE CADRE        During 2013-14, 900 posts were sanctioned for recruitment in various factories.  Further sanction is also being considered and will be issued shortly, particularly for CMDs, Stenographers etc for sanction.

11. Tradesmen SSK on completion of 2 years are to be promoted to Skilled.  Factories are delaying in conducting Trade Test and effecting promotions.  It was agreed to the Staff side suggestions to conduct Trade Test before 3 months of completion of            2 years and the promotion will be released on time i.e., on completion of 2 years.
                  After granting 30 days EL to all industrial Employees from November, 2006, the Piece Workers are denied the benefit of availing 30 days EL on the reasons that they have opted leave under Factories Act.  PC of A Fys denied to grant 30 days EL for Piece Workers as the Factories Act restrict EL only upto 18 days.  They said either fresh option is to be allowed or it will remain in the same status.
              The reasons because, for Industrial Employees in Ordnance Factories TWO set of leave rules are there
      (i)  Under Factories Act                    (ii) Departmental Leave Rules
                 Whereas in Railways only one Rule is applicable to all i.e., Departmental Leave Rules, we have therefore agreed to kill theproblem to agree for retaining/opting for only Departmental leave Rules by which all will get 30 days EL and can accumulate upto 300 days.  Due to this issue, Piece Workers are granted only 18 days and at the time of retirement they are given @ rate of 18 days per year.  We therefore, agreed to switch over to Departmental Leave Rules thereby all will get 30 days EL per annum.  Proposal has been sent to M of D and DOP&T for approval.  Further we will try to get the benefit with retrospectively so that those who have paid less on leave encashment will be granted.  Pensioners will be benefited.

      a)    The issue of stepping up of Pay between Direct Recruitees and pormotees among the Teaching Staff of Ordnance Factories have been raised.  Director/A/NI replied that in respect of PRT, TGT and PGT wherever the promotees are drawing lesser than the Direct Recruitees, will be given Stepping up of Pay as was done in Sr.Staff Nurse, Fireman etc.  This will be considered on receiving the details from the INDWF.

           b)    Revival of abolished posts was taken up with DOP&T but they did not get any reference.  M of D wants matching saving for releasing of Additional Sanction in NIE Cadre proposal is being worked out.
             NG Group
    14. On the demand of INDWF, it was agreed by the official side to provide quota on promotions to CMDs, Data Entry Operators and Tracers to Chargeman (T).  91% IEs, 3% DEO, 3% CMDs, 3% Tracer & FED against the 50% promotion Quota.  This will be incorporated in the Draft SRO for obtaining necessary approval.
     15. Seniority of Chargeman & JWM.  For JWM Seniority list was finalised circulated.  For the Chargeman, there are about 10500 individuals.  To finalise the seniority a task force has been constituted, by July 2013 the list will be finalised after receiving the report.
  16. Promotion for JWM was finalised, left our seniors will be reviewed by review DPC and orders will be issued.
  17. Cadre Review committee report will be presented to OF board and after getting Board views, it will be placed to Staff side. 
   18. For Chargeman through LDCE, Degree qualification approved by UGC and for Diploma, AICTE approved will be criteria to decide the level of qualification.

  19. For forwarding the application for outside employment, PH, SC/ST candidates, it has been agreed and finalised.  For JWMs, OF Board is Appointing Authority.  For others, GMS are made competent to decide.  Draft guidelines are prepared on this.

20. To increase the strength of JWM (NT), Office Supdt, a proposal will be taken up with UPSC.

21. For creating promotional opportunities to Storekeeping Staff, Cadre Review proposal was submitted to M of D as a long term benefit.  For immediate relief, no further action is made as it does not become feasible to divert the vacancies form other stream.

22. CMDs, Stenographers, Direct Recruitment agreed to consider releasing the vacancies.

23. For Direct Recruitment of Posts, a comprehensive guideline will be prepared by OF Board and will be distributed to Factories to follow uniformity in respect of advertisement, scrutiny, conducting of Test, level of preparing questions etc.
24. Durwan shortage in Factories, M of D agreed to consider increasing the sanction.  But for immediate Relief outsourcing will be done.  For Direct Recruitment, a case file will be submitted to M of D for approval.

25. For HS I and MCM promotion, yearly two times, DPC will be conducted and the promotions will be released instead of now conducting yearly once.

26. Group ‘D’ employees and Labourers who were appointed as CMDs, their services will be counted from CMDs for the purpose of ACP/MACP treating this as appointment and not as Fast Track Promotion.

Yours Sincerely,
General Secretary.


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