Seventh Pay Commission Must Be Set Up Forthwith-IRTSA

The recent statement of the Minister concerned in the Parliament, that the Govt does not propose to set up the seventh Pay Commission at this stage is most unjustified and frustrating for the Govt employees.

Fifth Pay Commission had recommended for a Pay Revision after every five years instead of the past practice to set it up after 10 to 13 years. But the Govt did not accept this recommendation.

The Fifth Pay Commission also recommended for Merger of DA after it crossed 50%. Govt accepted the same and belatedly implemented it from April 2004. But the Sixth Pay Commission did not favour even the Merger of DA after it crossed 50% and the Govt obvious followed suit and did not Merge the same when it crossed 50% in 1-1-2011 – in spite of the demand by all concerned.

As such, the existing Pay and Pension structure have lost all the relevance and is continuously eroding due to heavy inflation and defective system of compilation of Price Index – which itself is out dated due to the changed economic scenario and requirements of the Industrial Worker of the Country.

All this makes it essential that the Seventh Pay Commission be set up early to compensate for the erosion of real wages and to remove the serious Anomalies of Sixth CPC Report – which the Govt and the Anomalies Committee have failed to address as well as to bridge the vast gap of wages between the Government employees and those of the Corporate Sector etc. all which are having a very demoralising effect amongst the Govt employees and Pensioners.

General Secretary, IRTSA


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