PCDA Circular-568 :Delinking of 33 years Q.S of for revision of pension

Finally PCDA Issued Circular De-Linking 33 Years For Minimum Pension Clause

Office of the Principal CDA(Pensions)
Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad- 211014

Circular No.568


1. The Chief Accountant, RBI, Deptt. Of Govt. Bank Accounts, Central office C-7, Second Floor, Bandre- Kurla Complex, P B No. 8143, Bandre East Mumbai- 400051
2. All CMDs, Public Sector Banks including IDBI Bank
3. Nodal Officers, ICICI/ HDFC/ AXIS/ IDBI Banks
4. Managers, All CPPCs
5. Military and Air Attache, Indian Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal 6. The PCDA (WC), Chandigarh
7. The CDA (PD), Meerut
8. The CDA, Chennai
9. The Director of Treasuries, All States…
10. The Pay and Accounts Officer, Delhi Administration, RK puram and Tis Hazari, New Delhi 11. The Pay and Accounts Office, Govt of Maharashtra, Mumbai
12. The Post Master Kathua (J&K)
13. The Pr. Pay and Accounts Officer, Andaman and Nicobar Administration, Port Blair
Subject: Revision of pension of Pre-2006 pensioners (JCOs/ ORs and Commissioned Officers)- delinking of qualifying service of 33 years for revised pension.
Reference: This office Circular Nos. 547 dated 11.09.2015, 548 dated 11.09.2015, 549 dated 30.09.2015, 551 dated 28.12.2015, 554 dated 14.01.2016, 562 dated 13.06.2016 and , 567 dated 16.09.2016.

A copy of GOI, MOD letter No. 1(2)/2016-D(Pen/Pol) dated 30th September 2016 on the above subject is forwarded herewith for information and necessary action which is self explanatory.

2. Prior to issue of the above letter dated 30th September, 2016, the minimum guaranteed pension was revised w.e.f. 01.01.2006 as per GOI, MOD letter No. 17(4)/2008(1)/D(Pen/ Policy) dated 11.11.2008 circulated vide this office Circular No. 397 dated 18.11.2008. Further, it was revised vide this office Circular Nos. 547 dated 11.09.2015 and 548 dated 11.09.2015. Similarly, the minimum guaranteed pension of Ordinary Family Pension was revised vide this office circular Nos. 397 dated 18.11.2008, 494 dated19.03.2013 and 567 dated 16.09.2016. Now, consequent upon the issue of the

above Govt. letter dated 30th September 2016 , the consolidated revised pension/ ordinary family pension of all Pre-2006 Armed Forces pensioners/ Family pensioners w.e.f. 1.1.2006 shall not be less than 50% and 30% respectively of the minimum of the pay in the Pay band plus Grade Pay corresponding to the pre-revised scale from which the pensioner had retired/ discharged/ invalided out/ died including Military Service Pay and ‘X’ group pay, if any, without pro-rata reduction of pension even if they had rendered qualifying service of less than 33 years at the time of retirement.

3. The revised consolidated enhanced rate of Ordinary Family Pension w.e.f. 01.01.2006 (consolidated as per Para-4 of GOI, MOD letter No.17(4)/2008(1)/D(Pen/Policy) dated 11.11.2008) in respect of Pre-2006 Armed Forces Family Pensioners shall not be less than 50% of the minimum of the fitment tables for the rank in the revised pay band.

4. Revised tables indicating minimum guaranteed retiring/ service pension and ordinary family pension have been annexed to this letter as follows:-

Annexure- A for Commissioned officers (Army, Navy, Air Force) Annexure- B for JCOs/ ORs Pensioners (Army)

Annexure- C for JCOs/ ORs Pensioners (Air Force)

Annexure- D for JCOs/ORs Pensioners (Navy)

5. Pension Disbursing Agencies (PDAs) are hereby authorized to step up the pension/ family pension of the affected pre-2006 pensioners where the existing pension being paid to the pensioners, is less than the rate of pension indicated in above said annexure.

6. The provisions of above Govt. letter shall take effect form 01.01.2006 and arrears, if any, shall be payable from 01.01.2006. Further, the Pension/ Family pension of the Armed Force Personnel has been revised a number of times in past vide various letters issued by Ministry of Defence, therefore, if pension already revised w.e.f. 01.01.2006, 01.07.2009, 24.09.2012 & 01.07.2014 (OROP) under respective Govt. orders happens to be more than this amount, then Retiring/ Service and Family Pension as per above orders will continue to be paid as basic pension during that period.

7. Prior to issue of above Govt. letter dated 30th September, 2016, this office has issued corrigendum PPOs on the basis of annexures mentioned in previous circulars for revision of minimum guaranteed pension for less than 15 years and 20 years of qualification service for JCOs/ ORs and Officers respectively. Now, consequent upon issue of the above Govt. letter dated 30th September, 2016, the revision of service element for less than 15 years and 20 years of qualification service for PBORs and Officers respectively will also be revised as per this circular only. Therefore, the Annexure for revision of service element as required by previous circulars is not necessary.

8. It is also mentioned that all cases of service element/ service pension in respect of War Injury Pensioners will be revised by the Pension Disbursing Agencies (PDAs). Therefore, the revision claims in respect of War Injury pensioners called for vide this office Circular No. 562 dated 13.06.2016 has been dispensed with henceforth.

9. Further, no table for Hony. Naik, Hony. Havildar and Havildar granted Hony. rank of Nb Subedar has been indicated. It is hereby clarified that since Hony. Rank of Naik, Havildar and Havildar holding Hony rank of Nb Sub are drawing pay in the pay scale of Sepoy, Naik and Havildar respectively, therefore, they are entitled for modified parity with reference to substantive rank held at the time of retirement/ discharge/ invalidment except Naik (TS) who draws the pay of Naik. Naik (TS) should be entitled for modified parity with respect to Naik rank.

10. Provisions of this circular will also be applicable to pensioners of TA and DSC (irrespective of single or dual pension).

11. LTA and Additional Pension will be regulated as per extant orders. 12. All other terms and conditions shall remain unchanged.

No. Gts/Tech/0167/XXIV

Dated:13 .10.2016

(C B Yadav)
Dy. Controller (Pensions)



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